Ringside, er, clubhouse postgame

Sorry, but with less than 12 hours until first pitch on Wednesday, I don’t have much to say about tonight that I haven’t written on MLB.com. I’m not shocked the Cardinals took exception to Brandon Phillips’ poorly chosen words and trash talk. I would not be stunned if there are suspensions levied.

Anyway — here are some quotes from both clubhouses:

“[Phillips] tapped Yadier and the umpire like he always does. Yadier didn’t like it and said ‘I’m not your so-and-so.’ The next thing you knew, it was on. One thing led to another.  Guys were chirping. Some guy said ‘be quiet.’ One of their coaches, [Jose] Oquendo, I told him to be quiet. Tony told me not to talk to his coaches. I told him a few things and he told me a few things. I heard some stuff out of the back and the next thing you know, it was on again.” — Dusty Baker

“I was trying to go in and trying to break people off. As soon as I knew it, I had like 20 people pushing me all over to the net. I already had my back to the net with my feet up.” — Johnny Cueto, who kicked several Cardinals players, including Jason LaRue and Chris Carpenter.

“I don’t think it was a big mystery there was some tension going into the game. It got ugly right there at the beginning. I was tired before my first at-bat.” — Scott Rolen

“Me and Dusty exchanged words, and then the next thing I know, I was in the net with somebody kicking me in the back, from behind, where I was held down. Nobody was doing anything. I wasn’t throwing any punches. Nobody was throwing any punches. We had some guy kicking me in the back who ends up kicking my backup catcher and splits his face open. When you see him, you’ll see, he could have done some real damage. He got him in the side of the eye, got him in his nose, got him in his face. Totally unprofessional. Unbelievable. I haven’t seen anything like that.” — Cardinals RHP Chris Carpenter

And Carpenter on Rolen: “It was fine. I think what happened was Scott grabbed me and they thought we were doing something, and that’s when that bull rush got me. Scott was just pulling me out, and I was fine with that until I ended up on the net getting kicked.”

“We’ve been around a long time. If you look back, he’s had issues with other managers because he’s for his club and the [other] manager is for his club. That’s part of being responsible for your team. It’s never personal. It was the managers for two teams that were having a problem.” — Cardinals manager Tony LaRussa on his heated exchange with Baker

“I was ready to start the game, and he touched me. The comments that he made yesterday, that he’s got no friends over here, why are you touching me then? You are not my friend. So don’t touch me. You don’t have to touch me. If we’re not good for you, you’re not my friend.” — Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina

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Phillips started the whole thing. He tapped Molina and Molina kicked it away. Then he tapped Molina again. That’s instigation, brother. If Carp deserves to be suspended, so does Brandon “1 for 10” Phillips.


The more I watch the replay the more I think Cueto was just trying to defend himself, BUT…..you can’t kick people, so he will get suspended and we will start Homer in his place, fine, done, whatever. BUT…the more I watch it, if Carpenter doesn’t get suspended that is absolute BULL, the whole issue was going to end until he had to get one more comment in. If he would have shut his mouth everyone would have walked off. And who says things when there are 20 guys between you to break it up? High Schoolers? Grow up. LaRussa, Molina, and Carpenter are right up there with the most arrogant people in sports. Drill Carpenter next time we face them, why not?

uh, where was Edmonds?

uh, where was Edmonds?

Can?t say I endorse this kind of behavior. However, I like to see young teams like the Reds show some attitude once in a while. This has been the Cards and Cubs division for some time. Nice to see the Reds push their way into the discussion. Not a surprise that Brandon Phillips would be the one to lead the charge. There will be some suspensions but the Reds made a statement that they want this division.

Molina should be suspended then too. Never seen a catcher stand on home plate, when a batter got in the box ready to hit, and start jawing with the batter. That is instigation brother.

Good one.

Molina getting up and jawing with phillips started the whole thing. What a joke. Typical MLB, can’t suspend Molina or the Cards might not win the division! Molina needs to be hit by a pitch next time they play. Cards are soooooo spoiled, its ridiculous.

Molina getting up and jawing with phillips started the whole thing. What a joke. Typical MLB, can’t suspend Molina or the Cards might not win the division! Molina needs to be hit by a pitch next time they play. Cards are soooooo spoiled, its ridiculous.

I have never had (and still don’t) any problem with the Reds. But after this whole thing, I am very perplexed at the Reds fans. Yes, I know you want to support your team and that’s great. You can even think Brandon Phillips is great if you want, even though your own beat reporter said in this post that his comments were out of line.

But to say Molina started it? It’s laughable. I’m not saying Yadi is innocent. Yes, he did get in Phillips face and that’s why he was fined. But Phillips started it two separate times before Yadi did anything. First with his comments to the media and then by tapping Molina TWICE with his bat. Support your team, but don’t ignore what happened or you look ridiculous.

In any event, I know this will be a good division race, as I believe that the Reds have a really solid team this year. I’m especially excited to see you guys come to St. Louis, although I hope you can handle it when Phillips get booed prior to his first at-bat.🙂

– Tiffany

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