Baker backs Cordero as closer

I asked Dusty Baker this morning if he still had confidence in Francisco Cordero and if he was nervous giving him the ball.

“I don’t get nervous handing him the ball,” Baker said. “I get nervous sometimes during the game like everybody else.”

The bottom line is Baker is firmly behind Cordero as his closer. Cordero has 30 walks in 50 1/3 innings, which is second-most in the NL among qualified relievers. His 1.55 WHIP is second-highest in the NL. He’s blown six of his 36 save chances.

“Everybody wants you to go get somebody else but who are you going to find out there that’s better?” Baker said. “The Phillies went to the World Series the last couple of years. One year Brad Lidge didn’t give up any and the next year, how many did he give up?(11 blown saves in 42 chances, 0-8 record)  They’d be ready to tar and feather Coco if that was him.

“He’s my closer and he’s what I’ve got. The White Sox are having the same problem now with Jenks. That’s a tough job to me. You can save 20 in a row and as soon as you blow one – it’s like a placekicker in football, right? He kicks 10 field goals in a row but as soon as he missed that one that lost the game, they want to run him right out of town.

“We just have to find a way to help him because he’s the best I’ve got right now.”

Cordero has been working with pitching coach Bryan Price on his mechanics and trying to cut back on the walks.


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Of course, the White Sox benched their closer last night. I don’t see Baker ever doing that. Ever.

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