No Reds trades made

Here is some extended quotes from Reds GM Walt Jocketty after the non-waivers Trade Deadline passed without a Reds deal being made. Full story later on

Anything that was close to getting done?

WJ: “There were a couple yesterday that we had been working on for a while that fell apart at the end. The players we were pursuing were not traded. They probably were not real serious.”

Several relievers moved today (Wood, Dotel, Qualls) any of those guys had your interest?

WJ: “The ones we were pursuing were not traded.”

Can the Reds stay in the race with what they already have?

WJ: “Yes, I do. There were certain things we were looking at to see if we could improve but I still like our club. I’ve always liked our club and have faith that they will stay in this thing until the end. We still have some things we might do within the system, a couple of guys at Triple-A are doing well and we may take a look at.”

What did you think of the Cardinals getting Westbrook?

WJ: “I think they gave up a pretty good hitter to get him. Offense has been one of their struggles of late. He’s a good addition for them but they also lost a very good offensive player.”

A lot of times, people want trades done for the sake of doing it…

WJ: “The one thing I’ve learned – you have to have patience and you have to have discipline to prevent from making deals like that just to make a deal. Because a lot of times you make a deal that you might regret later. I’ve had several experienced guys from the past that told me some of the times the best deals you make are the ones you don’t make. Obviously there were clubs coming at us for some of our top young talent but we just weren’t going to trade for deals we didn’t think would really change our club.”

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