Anyone worth dealing for?

One of my colleagues, the very hard-working Alden Gonzalez, was very kind to compile a list of all the players known or believed to be on the trade market as the Trade Deadline approaches at 4 p.m. ET Saturday.

Do any of these names do anything for you? Obviously a few of them are not fits at all (ie: 1B Prince Fielder).

Obviously the first name listed would have been an interesting get for the Reds, but the money owed to Roy Oswalt did not seem to make him a financial fit. If the trade from the Astros to the Phillies is done assuming Oswalt’s no-trade clause is waived, that’s a nice break for the Reds because that means he isn’t going to the Cardinals.


* Roy Oswalt ** (Dealt to PHI, pending approval?)
* Edwin Jackson
* Ted Lilly
* Jake Westbrook
* Fausto Carmona
* Brett Myers
* Aaron Cook
* Carlos Zambrano


* Kerry Wood
* Will Ohman
* Leo Nunez
* Matt Capps
* Kevin Gregg
* Jason Frasor
* Scott Downs
* Kyle Farnsworth
* David Aardsma
* Brandon League
* Chad Qualls
* Aaron Heilman
* Octavio Dotel
* Michael Wuertz
* Todd Coffey
* Carlos Villanueva
* Trevor Hoffman
* D.J. Carrasco
* Joba Chamberlain


* Adam Dunn
* Prince Fielder
* Jorge Cantu
* Chris Snyder
* Ryan Doumit
* John Buck
* Ty Wigginton
* Wes Helms
* Derrek Lee
* Mike Lowell
* Johnny Perralta
* Russell Branyan
* Lance Berkman
* Adam LaRoche
* Lyle Overbay
* Miguel Tejada
* Jose Lopez
* Casey Kotchman
* Brandon Wood
* Brendan Ryan


* Scott Podsednik (Traded to the Dodgers) 
* Rick Ankiel
* Jose Guillen
* Kosuke Fukudome
* B.J. Upton
* Josh Willingham
* Willie Harris
* Brad Hawpe
* Jeff Francoeur
* Austin Kearns
* Jayson Werth
* Corey Hart
* Jose Bautista

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Hey Mark,

I’m not sure that I would go after ANY of these guys too feverishly. I like the chemistry AND the depth of this team. GREAT mix of young talent with post-season experienced veterans.

And a couple of former Reds on the list?? I won’t mention names, but one is synonymous with “finished” and the other is a “morning beverage”………NO WAY, NO HOW, UH UH………..Arggggggghhhhhhhhhhh, would I want either of these guys back!!

Any thoughts??

The site is not accepting comments under article “Don’t Count Red Out….” so I will leave it here.

This is a great article, not only well-written but the content and tone ring true. If they Reds can make a move to improve, great, but I’m very excited about continuing to dance with those who brought us to 1st place. There are plenty of clubs salivating over the Reds and Bats rosters. What a great place for the team to be!

i don’t quite understand how people can say they like what we have. we are below .500 since late may. we were 12 games over .500 and now we are 10. our whole outfield has stopped hitting, our closer is not better than he was before and our competition in the league is making trades. even if we should win the division, where are we headed? texas has made trades with the intention of going all the way, same with san diego. i wouldn’t give up the farm for those on the list, but some of those are better alternatives than bruce, stubbs, nix, heisey, and gomes. i think management is happy just to be in a race at this time.

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