Postgame: Arroyo v. Edmonds

That one stung the Reds. After a start like Bronson Arroyo gave them, they should have won that game and knew it. Instead, it’s a 3-2 loss when Milwaukee notched only three hits.

That means the Reds need to win the next two games to get a winning road trip.

The good —

Arroyo was unbelievably efficient. 88 pitches/66 strikes. The line was 8 ip, 3 H, 3 ER, 1 BB, 5 K, 2 HR. 19 of 28 first pitch strikes.

The not so good —

Three pitches.

The 0-2 fastball to pitcher Randy Wolf in the third that went for a single and Milwaukee’s first hit. The 0-1 changeup to next batter Rickie Weeks that was tattooed off of the center field scoreboard for a two-run homer and of course, the 1-2 fastball crushed into right field by Jim Edmonds for the game-losing home run with two outs in the eighth.

“The end of the game, I play a mental chess match. That’s how I win ballgames,” Arroyo said. “I got beat that time. Edmonds beat me. I didn’t think in a million years, I threw the ball right where I wanted to, I didn’t think he could even swing at the pitch. He hits it out of the park. You tip your hat to somebody that comes off the bench and does that. They closed it out.”

“When they send a guy up there like Edmonds, that’s what he went up there for – to try and hit a home run. That’s what he did,” Reds manager Dusty Baker said.

More quotes —

“His strike to ball ratio was 3-to-1 almost. He didn’t have that many pitches.”
He had big time pitch conservation. He was sharp. He located the ball where he wanted to. He was throwing his breaking ball when he wanted to.” — Dusty Baker

“You have past history in your head with somebody so I wanted to go up and in and he hits it out of the park with some hook on it so he’s obviously getting around pretty quick. I thought he’d be sitting soft and away. I didn’t think he’d get to the ball on the inner half if I threw it anywhere close. It was a good four-seam fastball on the inner half. He won the game that time.” — Bronson Arroyo

“I don’t think we’re trying to catch anybody. We’re just trying to play a lot better baseball.” — Brewers LHP Randy Wolf and trying to get back in the race.

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