Hello, Houston

Made it to Houston in what seemed like a smooth flight — until I overheard the conversation the woman in front of me was having with her friend as I walked toward baggage claim at Bush-InterContinental Airport. She was complaining about how awful the person seated next to her was on the flight and that this guy knew of no boundaries with the arm rest, shoulder placement, etc. Low and behold — the cranky passenger doing the complaining was none other than the woman I was seated next to.

I thought I was only reading a magazine, not sending ground troops into seat 14A. I guess the moral of the story is you might not want to fly next to me but hopefully you’ll want to keep coming back to read me. And if I do fly in a seat near me, dig a moat and set up the barbed wire.

This trip has a little extra importance after the flat ending to the homestand. A 4-2 trip would seem like a minimum standard to set here, especially with the Cardinals as hot as they are.

Roy Oswalt could be making his last start as an Astro on Saturday. If one of the top Reds killers is traded to the Cardinals, as some rumors indicate, the NL Central race gets really interesting doesn’t it? It also probably makes the Reds missing out on Cliff Lee an added nugget of frustration.

And for those asking or thinking it, I do not see the Reds taking on the roughly $25 million or so remaining on Oswalt’s deal to get him to Cincinnati. Lee would have been easier since he’s in the final year of his contract.

A couple of notes —

*Five games into his rehab assignment at Triple-A Louisville, OF Chris Dickerson is 6-for-12 (.500) with one homer, two RBIs, two doubles, two steals and four walks.

*Jonny Gomes next HR could create two milestones. Gomes is sitting on HR No. 99 and RBI No. 299.

*The Reds remained 1 1/2 games behind the Cardinals for the second-straight day Thursday. They haven’t had a deficit larger than that since May 11.

*Lineups and more when I get to Minute Maid Park.

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hernandez – veteran.. hanigan – looking good, hard decision.. waiting for the line-up, heh! thanks for the info sheldon

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