Postgame extra: Strasburg

Here are some quotes on what the Reds thought about Stephen Strasburg, following an 8-5 loss to the Nationals Wednesday.

“Yeah the guy he throws a very easy 98. Usually the guys who throw 98 have a lot of effort involved but he had very little effort and very good delivery, good breaking ball. And yeah you can tell this guy is going to be very good.” — Dusty Baker

“I saw a lot of good things out of him. One of the things you want to see out of a young guy is his composure. He got himself into some jams and went right to his best stuff and got out of it. When you got a guy who throws 100 mph, the majority of time his off-speed is to get you off his fastball. He’ll elevate it or bury it. He was throwing his curveball and changeup for strikes.” — Jonny Gomes.

Strasburg was far from flawless as he allowed three runs and seven hits over 5 2/3 innings. He walked one and struck out seven. The Reds had only one extra-base hit but weren’t overpowered by the 22-year-old flamethrower.

“I watched a lot of tape on Strasburg,” Gomes said. “I thought our guys did a real good job off of him. He had some opportunities to get guys chasing and get ourselves out. I didn’t see a whole lot of that. I saw a whole lot of good at-bats.”

Here’s what Strasburg said of performing in front of the crowd of 37,868 fans at GABP:

“It’s awesome. It’s  great atmosphere. I’ve been doing it over a year, especially coming out of college. It’s almost expected everytime. It’s a real blessing to be able to go out there and pitch in front of a lot of fans 


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