Reds lineup vs. Dodgers

Cabrera 6
Phillips 4
Votto 3
Rolen 5
Gomes 7
Bruce 9
Stubbs 8
Hernandez 2
Leake 1

*With Micah Owings working last night and giving up five runs in 1 1/3 innings, there isn’t any long guy in waiting should the need arise. Dusty Baker is prepared to mix and match — but obviously he was thinking more optimistic before Wednesday’s game.

“C’mon Leake,” Baker said.

*The blowout loss on Tuesday didn’t otherwise burn out the bullpen as much as it could have. Daniel Ray Herrera pitched out of his usual situational role and worked 1 2/3 innings in what was essentially mop-up relief.

“We used Daniel as long as we did to save Ondrusek. We saved Arthur. We saved Masset. Smith threw only one inning,” Baker said. “You hate to sacrifice anybody but sometimes you have to take one for the team.”

*I talked to Homer Bailey, who is pretty mellow these days despite enduring one of the things he loathes the most — inactivity. Bailey, who has been on the DL since May 24 with right shoulder inflammation — was originally pushing hard to get back but has since realized it’s not in his long-term best interests.

“You can mope and be angry about it or just be patient and do everything right,” Bailey said. “I’m trying to have the best attitude I can and get everything done right.”

*Baker usually has a goatee but was clean-shaven on Wednesday. He was also wearing a new pair of black wristbands. Apparently, he is not above superstition after a 12-0 loss.

“I’ve got different colors,” Baker said. “I remember one time when I was with the Giants, we had a three-game series with the Cubs and Billy Williams noticed it. He goes ‘man, you’re about to run out of colors, aren’t you?’ I think we had lost four or five in a row.”

*Batting practice started a little later than normal today. Position players held a closed-door meeting that lasted around 30 minutes. No word on what was discussed.

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