Postgame, not much extra

It’s already nearing 2 a.m. ET and there really isn’t a whole of good or not-so-good to breakdown from a 12-0 beat down of the Reds by the Dodgers.

Here are some quotes:

“The main thing is we just have to forget this game. We need a good pitched game tomorrow, definitely. We used Micah for a lot of pitches from the bullpen tonight and used Daniel for a lot of pitches. Hopefully we can jump on Kershaw tomorrow.” — Dusty Baker

“I didn’t feel like I could get into a rhythm. I’d get two strikes on them and I couldn’t find that pitch to put them away. When you throw a lot of pitches in the first inning, it’s going to wear on you, especially when it’s as warm and muggy as it was.” — Aaron Harang

Harang threw 42 pitches and faced eight hitters during a three-run Dodgers first inning.

It was another bad night for the bullpen but Jordan Smith made his MLB debut in the ninth inning and did his part by not making the bad game any worse. Smith pitched a scoreless inning with only a two-out double allowed.

“He threw strikes and had good velocity and movement,” Baker said. “That’s what we remember of him from spring training. Hopefully, he can help us.”

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RedsFLfans: Is it my imagination or have the Reds been using Travis Wood as a yo-yo? It seems as though they have been “batting” him back and forth i.e.”Mike Leake hype” and now “bullpen” hype only to choose someone with less experience each time. Go ahead,choose who you want, just leave Wood’s name out of it Let him continue to do a good job and get the respect he deserves.

It’s pretty clear the Reds knew all along they wanted Mike Leake (and he IS GOOD) and now the same scenario only to pick a Double A kid and say Wood and Maloney didn’t have enough “bullpen” experience. What A Crock.

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