Tuesday vs. SF

Tues lineup vs. Giants

Cabrera 6
Phillips 4
Votto 3
Rolen 5
Bruce 9
Nix 7
Heisey 8
Hernandez 2
LeCure 1

*Laynce Nix is 4-for-7 (.571) with one homer lifetime against Giants starter Matt Cain. Joey Votto is 4-for-12 (.333) and Orlando Cabrera is 3-for-10 (.300) with two homers against Cain.

“Match-up stuff,” manager Dusty Baker said about the different look to the lineup. “The only guy we have that hits Cain pretty good really, is Nix. Heisey has proven he can hit that fastball.”

*With Arthur Rhodes hurting with a sore right foot, Baker said he hasn’t considered putting his best reliever on the disabled list.

“I certainly don’t want it to come to that. He doesn’t want that,” Baker said Tuesday.

Rhodes said last night his foot only hurts on certain pitches. When asked if there are some days Rhodes isn’t available because of the foot, Baker didn’t completely answer but reiterated the need to pick and choose how he uses Rhodes.

“I also have to monitor his workload too,” Baker said. “I try not to go more than a couple of days in a row with him. I try not to go more than one-inning stints with him. Otherwise, I have to give him a couple of days off. It makes it tough when he’s the hottest guy in your bullpen. But you also know that he’s 40 years old. He’s a guy coming off Tommy John [surgery] a couple of years ago. I’ve got to have him July, August, September and hopefully, October. If you wear down one of your main horses, then what do you have?

“I know Arthur pretty well. I can read him pretty good, regardless of what he says. Most of the time, he’ll tell you when he needs a blow.”

*Reds first-round pick Yasmani Grandal was named a finalist for the Golden Spikes Award — which is given to the best amateur player in the country. Grandal is playing a 1 p.m. ET game, hoping to reach him via conference call later today.

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Pretty purple font today😉

Can’t figure out why it did that…weird.

i take it bruce is starting in right? Where is he in the lineup? Sixth?

Purple, in honor of Elder’s making the state finals? Meanwhile, who’d-a-thunk the Reds’ problem would be middle relief? But something’s got to be done. it’s too late to say it’s early – and every game really seems to count. lots of options, but the best may not be a player on the team or in the system. Mark, is there anyone out there we could cherry pick from, say, KC or Baltimore, Arizona or even the Asrtros? Hey, I liked what little we saw of that Clippard kid in Washington – could we tempt them with some starting pitching?

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