Postgame extra: questions?!

The good from the 3-0 Reds loss to the Giants on Tuesday —

Sam LeCure gave the Reds the kind of start they needed, but it wasn’t enough against Matt Cain’s seven-hit shutout. LeCure allowed one run over six innings on Juan Uribe’s long homer in the fourth.

Arthur Rhodes  — another two-thirds scoreless when he got the final out of the seventh and the first out of the eighth. That’s 26 scoreless appearances in a row for 23 1/3 innings.

The decision for Sunday’s start — Bailey or LeCure?

During his rehab start at Triple-A Louisville, Homer Bailey pitched 4 1/3 innings and allowed five earned runs and six hits vs. Syracuse while throwing 86 pitches. The rotation spot’s turn comes up again Sunday.

LeCure is 1-2 with a 3.12 ERA in his three starts. In his 17 1/3 innings, he’s allowed 17 hits and 12 walks with 12 strikeouts. He’s also faced Chris Carpenter and Matt Cain in his two losses.

“It remains to be seen. We have to check that out,” manager Dusty Baker said. “It’s a little too early right now after this loss to come up with that kind of answer.”

The not so good —

*It was another lousy night for the non-Arthur Rhodes portion of the bullpen. Logan Ondrusek got two outs in the seventh before allowing a double and a walk. That forced Baker to turn to Rhodes again.

*After Rhodes, Nick Masset had two outs in the eighth and gave up two runs on three hits and a four-pitch walk. The eighth and ninth hitters — Bengie Molina and Matt Cain — drove in the insurance runs that turned a one-run game into a three-run game on ice.

“We just have to figure out which guys, other than Arthur, can do what they’re supposed to do,” Baker said. “If not, we’re going to kill Arthur.”

*In 31 games, Masset has a 7.20 ERA and has given up 20 earned runs in 25 innings. It equaled his earned runs allowed from all of last season when he pitched 76 innings over 54 games.

Questions of the night —

*Who’s your starter for Sunday — Bailey or LeCure?

*What’s the answer for the Reds bullpen? Could Bailey or LeCure move into a relief role or is there another fix? There really isn’t a lot of consistent work being done down in Louisville’s bullpen either.

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Sunday belongs to McLure. He goes out and pitches two competitive games, regardless of his pitching line, etc. The Reds were in position to win the game while he was pitching. His walk ratio is scary, but walks only haunt if they turn into runs, so far he’s doing ok.

Masset needs to go somewhere. I could hear the boos over the radio And TV when he gave up those runs. He clearly has the stuff but either isn’t hitting spots (haven’t watched enouhg) or just stopped pitching with confidence (which I understand but come on, 20 ERs in 25 innings- says problem to me. Similar to Shorty, aka Daniel Ray.. he needs to stick to what works for him. Screwballs for one, low (preferably away) hard strikes for Masset.

Bullpen in general- In Walt We Trust. Jocketty wasn’t brought here, in place of Krisky (whom I liked esp. in Minnesota) to not make decisions. If Cordero and company keep blowing leads for guys like Leake (see Atlanta game) and Cueto something has to be done. Perhaps Mr. Alonso will find a new home, or put Bailey in the MR or SU role. Bailey certainly has the stuff to come in and throw harder than normal for 2 innings, but he probably won’t be as excited to do so. Bottom line- it’ll be Jocketty who will decide if/when changes are made, and made soon will the increasingly difficult gauntlet approach as the Reds near the All-Star Break.

Wow that was lot. Have final exams today for Ohio State. yikes….

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