No D.C. for me

Friday lineup vs. Nationals

Cabrera 6
Phillips 4
Votto 3
Rolen 5
Bruce 9
Gomes 7
Stubbs 8
Hernandez 2
Harang 1

I have this whole series off and will be back on the job Monday for the Giants series and Draft. Hopefully, you can use the comments in this space to comment, praise or complain what the Reds do this weekend.



You asked for it, Mark…comment of confusion/frustration. Hahaha Cannot believe the big error in the OF during tonight’s game.
There has been a couple of those close calls so far this yeat, but, to my knowledge, that was the first drop/E.
What I don’t understand is how that was an E8 and not E7?! I mean, Stubbs was calling and as CF, Gomes should’ve yielded.
And it was Jonny that dropped. I think its a weird call. But either way, shouldn’t have happened. Is Drew not loud enough? Lol
Not the best overall baseball we’ve seen from our guys.

Loved what I saw from Enerio, especially his D. He’s going to bring us a lot of good things.

Leake should get his 5th W tomorrow and we can keep on truckin’, this team can DEFINITELY not only keep up with the Cards but can retake 1st!

All I know, if Baker wants Gomes in the line up for his bat, you better teach him how to field. He should be out there working his butt off to be able to play the position. He has cost way to many games. The trend in baseball is pitching. If you got it, your in contention. but defense has to be stellar at all positions. Votto is young and getting better at first, but Gomes looks lost in left.

I don’t blame you Mark for not going to D.C. I would avoid it also until after 2012.

With all the discussion of the Reds weakness in middle relief and soon Chapman will be brought up, Volquez will be ready sooner than later, and Homer Bailey will be back very soon. I have been listening to people like yourself suggest that Chapman go to the bull-pen. that concerns me with Chapman’s wildness. The last thing you want out of relief pitchers is wildness.

Leake will certainly be limited in innings soon, and he may be an option for the bull-pen, but with Aaron Harang being so ineffective lately as a starter and the prospects of trading him with his inflated salary being doubtful, maybe the Reds should consider moving Harang to the bull-pen and let him make spot starts when needed.

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