Postgame extra: Quote parade

What was said following a 15-6 blowout of the Astros, which put the Reds nine games over .500 at 29-20.

“He threw the ball well and kept the ball down. He made some big pitches when he needed to make them. You could tell they nubbed a couple of balls off the end of the bat. He masked his pitches very well. Everything looked the same coming out of the same spot.” — Dusty Baker on Sam LeCure, who earned his first MLB win.

“I never pitched before but I’m assuming it’s a lot easier to pitch with the lead – especially when the guys score early. He battled. He gave up the bomb to Hunter but got the next ball from the umpire and threw downhill. He kept his chin up.” — Jonny Gomes, on LeCure.

“I feel really good about it. I believed in the fact that the game is still the same, just a little bigger stadium. I went out there and executed pitches and I had thrown to Hanigan before and felt really comfortable with him back there. We had a good little groove going.” — Sam LeCure.

Winning your first big league game can be rough on the guy who gets it. What happened to LeCure is pretty common outcome for a rookie first-time winner

“I got some shaving cream,” LeCure said. “They made me sit down in the shower in my uniform and they poured beer all over me. I got quite a bit of Pert Plus in my eyes. But it’s pretty cool. Any time that you’re able to not just get to the big leagues but get a win and it’s against the team in your division, it’s a big night for everybody.”


Mark I have a couple of questions and I would like your input. Do the Reds have a plan to sign Joey V. on the cheap (like they did Brandon P) before he becomes too expensive? At what point in time does Aaron Harangs line of 6 innings 4 runs 2 HR per game become a issue or is their a injury since his MPH seems to be way down?

As the Reds now have the NL’s best record with the Padres loss tonight, I’m just curious, when was the last time that the Reds had the best record in the national league this far into the season?

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