Postgame extra: Comeback kids

Once again the Reds toed the thinnest of lines between winning and losing and came out smelling good with a 5-4 win. It took scoring three in the bottom of the ninth. 

*That was their 10th win of the season in the final at-bat. Also the 13th comeback win of the season, which is tied for the MLB lead. Astounding.

The good from the day —

*The first-place Reds are seven games over .500 (23-16). The Cardinals play later but you sense these two teams can really start to separate from the division if this keeps up.

*Joey Votto hit the game-winner in the ninth with a single off of the wall. But it was his eighth inning homer on to the riverboat in center field that drew oohs and ahhs. It traveled 460 feet, which was surprisingly only the 23rd longest HR ever hit at GABP.

*Scott Rolen came off the bench and slugged the game-tying two-run home run off of Trevor Hoffman. That improved Rolen to 6-for-13 with four homers lifetime vs. Hoffman.

*Nice day for Homer Bailey, who pitched seven innings and allowed two first inning runs and four hits with two walks and four strikeouts. Bailey got his first two outs in the first but wound up enduring a 30-pitch inning.  Ryan Braun hit a 3-1 pitch for a solo home run to left-center field and Prince Fielder followed with a double to left field and scored on Casey McGehee’s RBI single to center field to make a 2-0 deficit.

*Bailey did not allow another hit until McGehee’s leadoff double in the seventh.

“It was a little rough there. In the first, the only bad pitch I thought I made was to Ryan,” Bailey said. “You leave a pitch out over the plate for him and he’s going to do some damage. From there, I did not really cruise but went through the next couple of innings and tried to keep the team in the game. To get seven in and only give up two is still a pretty good start.”

*Jonny Gomes stayed hot with his RBI double giving him a six-game hitting streak.

The not-so-good —

*It wasn’t a good day for the bullpen with a two-run eighth but it was a little understandable. Dusty Baker wanted to give some guys chances that hadn’t pitched much.

“We just wanted to keep it where it was,” Baker said. “At that time, we were kind of trying to stay away from Masset and Arthur.”

Trailing 2-1 in the eighth, Mike Lincoln was charged with two runs after not pitching since Friday. Daniel Ray Herrera wasn’t sharp again and pitching for the first time since May 7, Carlos Fisher got a vulture type win after allowing a run-scoring wild pitch. Fisher put two runners on the in the ninth but escaped.

*The Reds stranded 10 men on base, which included leaving the bases loaded in the fourth.

Some quotes —

Rolen was asked if he liked pinch-hitting.

“It’s a very difficult thing to do, especially as a position player,” he said. “I haven’t gotten used to it and I won’t. It’s a knack that I give the guys that do it well a lot of credit for.”

Bailey on the Reds confidence, even when trailing late:

“I don’t think anyone in this clubhouse had a single doubt that we were going to lose that game,” Bailey said. “That’s not sounding arrogant. It’s just how much confidence we all have in each other.”

Joey Votto was offered the day off by Dusty Baker but didn’t want it.

“I want to play every single day,” Votto said. “I don’t want to be out of the lineup, ever.  I think I can speak for every single person in this locker room and they feel the exact same way. Everybody wants to play every single day. That’s what we get paid to do and most of us love this.”

I am skipping Atlanta but will join the trip for the three days in Cleveland.

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I want to know where that inexperienced, young Reds team went. It’s early, but looking at the schedule and knowing your playing the Cardnials a ton and several other good teams, they have done exactly what is needed to be done to contend. everything isn’t perfect (Cordero a little shaky)but if they keep getting contribution from everyone, they could be playing some meaningful games in Aug. Hold back the football talk, the experienced, veteran Reds are coming.

Well, Brewster, I was crying for the young players to be with the team right out of spring training, and I have to admit that everything I’ve said about the Reds has been wrong, with two exceptions: my ionsistence on getting Phillips out of the clean up spot; and my prediction a few weeks ago that they would get going when the weather turned hot (I actually meant mid-June to mid-July). They still have the same problems – no true lead-off hitter, no true 4-hole bopper, imperfect middle relief – none of which seems to matter. What is really great, in my mind, is that we’re not crying for Chapman, and not waiting for Volquez. If either were ready, who would you take out of the rotation? So the Reds get to develop Chapman patiently and meanwhile prove they can contend without Volquez. This trade season they should be a buyer instead of seller. That sounds like fun! Go Reds!

Mark (or anyone): Off-topic — what happened to the young SS prospect Hamilton? I do not see him on any of our minor league rosters.

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