Hernandez or Hanigan?

Tuesday’s Reds lineup vs. Mets:

Stubbs 8
Phillips 4
Votto 3
Rolen 5
Bruce 9
Cabrera 6
Nix 7
Hanigan 2
Arroyo 1

Question of the day — Who is your preference at Reds catcher — Ramon Hernandez or Ryan Hanigan? Hanigan is generally Arroyo’s battery-mate, but he’s also catching others like Harang and Bailey. Hernandez has done well with Mike Leake. Pitchers have a 4.58 ERA with Hanigan — it’s 5.73 with Hernandez.

Hanigan enters tonight batting .389 with 10 RBIs. Hernandez is hitting .245 with four RBIs but has come on stronger of late.

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My thought is to go with Hanigan until he proves to you that his high average in the first few months is a fluke. If it is, hey we rode him out while he was hot and now we’ve got a pretty good option in Hernandez. If it’s not a fluke, and he hits over .300 for the year, Dusty looks like a genius. Why would you not give the guy a shot (like Dusty seems to be doing) when he’s doing well? Give your team the best chance we have to win. Right now, that’s Hanigan.

I think Baker has finally landed on a decent solution, if he sticks with it. Hanigan is undeniably better defensively and reading between the lines (limited as fans are to actual facts) he seems to call better games. But playing Hanigan more than three of five games might wear him down. Hernandez with Cueto works well (language) and he seems to have good results with Leake, based on the last two starts. So I’d leave it just this way, Hanigan catching Harang, Bailey and Arroyo, with Hernandez catching Cueto and Leake.

I like the recent “catcher rotation.” Hanigan excelled last year when playing in a limited role. Yet, he struggled mightily when playing every day. I say play them almost equally unless one is hot or one is slumping. It has been awhile since the Reds had two catchers that can throw and hit for contact.

Hanigan without a doubt. He can hit and he can throw – I say get him back there almost every day so he can get consistency. It seems like he’s the catcher we’re going to see for years, and I’m ready for him to take over more. As good as he is on both sides of the ball, I think we should be hearing much more about him than guys like Dickerson, Stubbs, and even Bruce. I like Hernandez fine, and he’s a great second catcher, but I think it’s Hanigan’s time.

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