April 2010

The day after…

Apologies for the lack of blogging on Opening Day. With a lot going on, a lot to write, some connectivity issues and the fact my cellphone was out and I couldn’t email myself photos, I gave up on the idea.

But here are two pictures that I wanted to see the light of day in Internet land.

OD 040510.jpg

It’s always great seeing the players on the lines in numerical order on Opening Day. It’s one of my favorite moments each year.

jamie 040510.jpg

That’s my finger partially in the way but you can’t block out that red blazer being sported by the Jamie Ramsey, who was clearly putting the red in ‘Better Off Red.’ Be sure to check his nickel and dime blog for some great pictures of the day.


I forgot to do this yesterday but wanted to knock it out before it was too late….

Here are a couple of Reds predictions for the season:

Number of wins in 2010: 84

NL Central finish: 3rd

Last year, I predicted 80 wins and a third-place finish. Let’s see if I do better this season.

What do you think?

Opening Day lineups


21 Chris Dickerson CF
2 Orlando Cabrera SS
19 Joey Votto 1B
4 Brandon Phillips 2B
27 Scott Rolen 3B
32 Jay Bruce RF
17 Laynce Nix LF
55 Ramon Hernandez C
39 Aaron Harang RHP


55 Skip Schumaker 2B
13 Brendan Ryan SS
5 Albert Pujols 1B
7 Matt Holliday LF
28 Colby Rasmus CF
47 Ryan Ludwick RF
4 Yadier Molina C
23 David Freese 3B
29 Chris Carpenter RHP

Workout day at GABP

After a short team meeting, the Reds hit the field at Great American Ball Park for the first time to take batting practice. At 71 degrees and the sun out, it wasn’t too different than being in Arizona. Season ticket holders were able to check out the session.

The forecast for Monday is 76 degrees with a chance of showers. Hopefully, the game is not affected by any rain.

Here are some pictures from the workout.

workout1 040410.jpg

workout-fan 040410.jpg

workout2 040410.jpg

workout3 040410.jpg
workout4 040410.jpg
workout5 040410.jpg

Leake is Reds 5th starter

The fifth starter has been determined. It’s Mike Leake, although the Reds have not announced anything.

Travis Wood learned first and returned to the clubhouse and started packing his stuff. About five minutes later, Leake walked back from his meeting trying to contain his smile. He and Wood bumped fists.

Leake confirmed he was given the good news.

“It’s kind of surreal right now,” Leake said. “It has to soak in a little.”

Leake, the eighth overall pick last summer, will be the first drafted pitcher to skip the Minor Leagues since Darren Dreifort of the Dodgers in 1994.


Players have taken the field for stretching/BP. Still in the clubhouse packing up their stuff was Aaron Miles, Wilkin Castillo, Chris Burke and Wladimir Balentien. Again, nothing has been announced. It would appear that Miles was released, which means the club is eating his $2.7 million salary for 2010.

Lineup vs. Indians

Things are rolling a little late with the 10:05 p.m. ET night game vs. Cleveland. Cuts have begun and players are being summoned to Dusty Baker’s office. I’ve only seen LHP Matt Maloney pack his bags so far. No word on anyone specific yet. Our meeting with the manager was supposed to begin a little while ago but there are more players to meet with you.

Here is the Reds lineup vs. CLE for now.

Dickerson 8
Cabrera 6
Votto 3
Phillips 4
Rolen DH
Bruce 9
Gomes 7
Hanigan 2
Cairo 5

Arroyo 1

More later…

Two cuts.

Only two cuts were made on Thursday afterall….

Corky Miller was sent to the Minor League camp and RHP Carlos Fisher was optioned to Triple-A Louisville.

“We’ll have most of them tomorrow,” Reds manager Dusty Baker said of the pending cuts.

No decision was made about the fifth starter — between Mike Leake and Travis Wood. Both will have to endure another restless night.

“There are a few things we have to discuss first. We’ll see,” Baker said. “There’s a lot more to it than just being the fifth starter.”

All quiet, for now

The Reds have made no roster moves yet but they are definitely coming.

“It’s a serious cut day today,” manager Dusty Baker said. “It’s always unpleasant but necessary and real.”

Baker said no decision was made on the fifth spot between Mike Leake and Travis Wood.

“The key word is have we decided, not me. I don’t quite have that much power,” Baker said.

It doesn’t sound like the Reds will make all of their cuts today however. Baker said there would be one more after today. Camp breaks on Saturday and the first Cincinnati workout is Sunday at GABP.

“We’d like to have it set before we get there,” Baker said.

Reds lineup vs. TEX

Stubbs 8
Burke 4
Balentien 7
Rolen 5
Nix 9
Hernandez 2
Cairo 3
Janish 6
Cueto 1

Cueto is due to get 95 pitches. Cordero and Masset are each scheduled for one inning and Fisher will get one or two innings.

The clubhouse is pretty quiet with few guys in yet. The contingent that was in Las Vegas last night get to report in later in the morning than usual. Obviously it’s expected to be a big cut day but I wouldn’t be surprised if many of the moves came after the game today. With people rolling in later and a 1:05 pm PT game, it’d be tough to have meetings with 10-15 players.

Check back later…

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