A winning April possible

If the 10-11 Reds can win tonight and Friday in St. Louis, that’s a plus .500 record for April. Considering the sweep at Pittsburgh and the less than stellar previous weekend vs. San Diego, and that the offense or starting pitching has yet to really get going — being at, near or above .500 is not a bad outcome. They in second place, four games behind the Cardinals with a golden chance to narrow the gap just ahead.

Question of the day: Are you happy with where the Reds are at this point? Is it better than you expected before the season or worse?

No doubt that the Reds will have their hands full with Roy Oswalt but don’t go penciling in a ‘L’ on them yet. Yes, Oswalt is 23-1 with a 2.58 ERA in 32 career games against Cincinnati but he’s been in a holding pattern for victory No. 24 for quite some time. He got four no-decisions in his four starts last season. The Reds won three of those games.

Just got back from a lunch at the Chinese restuarant owned by Rockets center Yao Ming. Appropriately, it’s called Yao. It wasn’t bad and it’s nice on the inside. Other than a display case with a Yao bobblehead and a couple of jerseys, there’s nothing sports or basketball related with its theme. It’s a little pricey for what you get, food-wise, but it was decent enough fare.

More later from the ballpark.

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I think if you said the Reds would be 10-11 after the first 21 I would say that is about right. Even though the games were at home, they have had to play nine games against the Cardinals, Dodgers, and Cubs who have some of the better pitchers in the league. I think that if you told me they had to win 7 of those games in the final at bat that would scare me. I mean, if they only win half of those, they could be staring 6-15 right in the face right now and the city could be calling for Dusty’s head on a stick. But it is what it is, a decent start. Hoping for a split of these next four games, then the next 26 games after that they have the potential to go on a run. May could be huge. Remember, you can’t win a pennant in April, but you sure can lose it.

Below .500 means, no I’m not happy. I refuse to be happy with .499 or below. It’s finally been too many losing seasons in a row for me to accept even another day below .500. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Reds, but the patience is growing thin.

Leake has definitely been a great surprise, and Masset has been surprising as well…
I certainly thought starting pitching would be better, but I’m still hopeful that as a group they’ll start bringing in the W’s any time now. The offense has been about where I thought it would be, aside from Ryan Hanigan.

Here’s to hoping they can get into the black this weekend and STAY THERE FOR THE SEASON! GO REDS!!

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