Stubbs or Dickerson?

Can’t complain about another fine day in Houston, especially when I know the air will likely feel more oppressive the next time the Reds visit.

I did a lot of walking around downtown today and checked out the Tunnels below the city. It’s a lot like the skywalk in Cincinnati, only underground and far more elaborate. If you loath fresh air and sunlight, but love an endless array of small shops and fast food courts, then the tunnel is your kind of spot. I had lunch above ground.

The question of the day: Many of you love playing manager and bickering over Dusty Baker’s lineup. Here’s a more specific challenge. You only get to pick who bats leadoff — who do you go with?

This is one instance where Baker has little wiggle room based on the results.

Drew Stubbs: .150 AVG/.268 OBP/23 strikeouts
Since snapping his 0-for-20 skid on Thursday, is 1-for-14, including 0-for-3 w/2 Ks last night.

Chris Dickerson: .244/.262 OBP/17 strikeouts
Is 2-for-his-last 14.

Both players are super fast and can create havoc on the bases. The problem is that neither are getting on enough for a leadoff guy. Yet, the Reds have few other choices in-house. Someone suggested Orlando Cabrera, but he’s their best RBI man right now.

For now at least, Baker really has no choice but to keep running both of them out there until someone figures something out.

Remember the 2007 season when former manager Jerry Narron tried using Scott Hatteberg as a leadoff man?

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With the struggles of Stubbs and Dickerson, it would appear that the only other real alternative at lead-off is Orlando Cabrera. I just don’t see any other alternative at this time of the season, but you can’t continue to run Stubbs out there everyday if his average continues to hover at .150, despite his good defense.

With the struggles of Stubbs and Dickerson, it would appear that the only other real alternative at lead-off is Orlando Cabrera. I applaud Dusty for finally moving BP out of the 4-hole, and with no real options at Louisville right now, Dusty has nothing to lose by moving OCab to lead-off, right? Then, you could move a Stubbs/Dickerson platoon to eighth to protect them and see if either one of them can break out of their slump. I just don’t see any other alternatives at this time of the season, but you can’t continue to run Stubbs out there everyday if his average continues to hover at .150, despite his good defense.

Here’s a whackadoodle idea. Use Hanigan as a lead-off. He’s batting .483 with a .559 OBP. Of course, that only works on days Hernandez doesn’t catch. I know it’s crazy. I’m just spitballin’ here.

I bet Paul Janish could get the job done. Problem is there is no where to put him right now. I think when he does get a start a week you need to lead him off though. I like Phillips and I want him to turn it around but if he continues to show signs of being lazy and not paying attention and only batting in the low .200’s, I’m sure Janish could play better and pay attention every second. But as far as Stubbs and Dickerson, I think you just have to keep doing what you are doing and hope one of them gets going, sad but true.

I think Stubbs is your guy. He has the speed and can hit left and right handed pitching, he just hasn’t done it consistently yet this season.

Stubbs also has home run power which goes a long way in GABP.

Dickerson is a great guy to have to run for Hanigan/Hernandez/Gomes late in the game.

By looking at the past, I would choose Dickerson as our leadoff man. I know he is off to a bad start, but he was last year too and like alot of our other players ie..Cabrera and Phillips, he will once again get going soon. Stubbs is a great Center Fielder and should also play, but not as a leadoff hitter, maybe a number 9 hitter, huh?

Gomes. Bat Jonny leadoff. HAHA only kidding. I like trying the Hanigan idea, and even Janish, when they are there…just to see. They might not be the base stealing types, but you can only steal after you reach first. lol For the most part, I say stick with Stubbs/Dickerson, depending on who is in. If both are in, go with Chris leading off and put Drew further down, at least until Drew gets into a good groove.

oh, and thanks for sharing about the tunnels! I had no idea they had something like that in Houston. Very cool!

If the theory is that you have your best hitter 3rd, then you need OPS hogs ahead of him. Regardless of position or other factors. Without the career numbers in front of me, I assume a guys like Rolen and OCab are good at that. For me, OCab is my leadoff 3rd-Votto 4th- Rolen (as Veteran=Clutch.

I believe you sit them both and use Nix for a couple of games to just let them know that no performance means, no play.

I think Dusty has figured out 2-3-4 with Phillips, Votto, and Rolen. For leadoff, if I had to pick between OBP and speed, I’ll take OBP. If either Stubbs or Dickerson start getting on base, problem solved. I’d bet on both of them. If not, Cabrera/Janish. And also if not, I think we need to move Bruce to CF and use Francisco, Gomes, Nix in L & R.

I believe both should sit and Bruce should play center for a few games. Put Nix in left and Gomes in right or vice versa. That then gives you three guys in the outfield who hit double figures last year in home runs. Bat Nix lead off. Maybe if both Stubbs and Dickerson see that if they don’t produce they won’t get to play, maybe it will shake one of them up enough that they might try harder. Neither one is hitting the ball where it is pitched. Each seems to want to try to pull the outside pitch and then they turn their wrists over too soon and ground out weakly to shortstop. Where is the hitting coach????????????

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