Ondrusek down, Fisher up

It seemed like only a matter of time some help for the bullpen was summoned.

The Reds optioned rookie reliever Logan Ondrusek to Triple-A Louisville on Thursday.  Carlos Fisher was recalled from Louisville to take his place.

Ondrusek made the team out of Spring Training with 10 scoreless innings, but had some rough outings once the regular season started. In nine appearances, he had an 11.25 ERA with 12 hits and five walks over eight innings.

Fisher has worked eight scoreless innings for Louisville with only one hit allowed among the 24 batters he’s faced. He’s walked one and struck out eight.

Reds lineup:

Dickerson 7
Cabrera 6
Votto 3
Phillips 4
Rolen 5
Bruce 9
Stubbs 8
Hanigan 2
Leake 1

*Dusty Baker wasn’t too chatty when the topic of Aaron Harang came up. From the sound of it, it doesn’t appear that Harang will be moved out of the rotation.

“I can’t tell you before I talk to him,” Baker said. “Plus, we’re talking about it but this guy is getting paid handsomely to be a starter. At this point, who do you have to take his place? And we need him to win. It’s four starts. If it was 14 starts, it’d be a different thing.”

*Drew Stubbs was moved down to seventh. Stubbs is in a 0-for19 funk with 10 Ks.

“It takes a little pressure off of him. Plus when you’re struggling and you’re leading off, you’re prone for 0-for-5 in a minute. They add up quickly because you come up more than anybody in the game.”

*A Stubbs, Dickerson, Bruce outfield should cover lots and lots of ground, right?

“When we’re not playing as well as we should, you have to go with your best defensive team out there, especially with a guy like Leake that throws strikes,” Baker said. “They’re going to put it into play.”

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Oh, crap. You mean we have to endure 10 more of these unlucky starts?

Remember when the knock on Hannigan was his inability to drive in runs – not this year. The radio announcers commented on the advisability of running out the same lineup tonight. We’ll see. I’ve been plugging for Janish, but Cabrera leads the team in RBI. Still, I see plays almost every game that Cabrera misses thatI think Hanish would make. Meanwhile, is this the year of botched tosses-to-pitcher-covering-first and pitchers-botching-throws-to-first or what? I really think pitchers need to spend more time on fielding in Spring Training. It’s been awful this year, and not just for the Reds. In fact, the Reds have looked better than average, but the average is pretty low.

Hey, here’s something interesting from the stats – the Padres pitchers have given up fewer than 1/2 the earned runs allowed by the Reds (in one fewer games). The teams’ hitting is pretty comparable – but the Padres’ ERA is 2.82, the reds’s over 5.

I can’t pretend to know much about baseball,but someone tell me if Any of the starting pitchers have had an effective breaking pitch so far this season. Looks to me like they’re all having to et by with fast balls and changeups and it’s not working.

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