Postgame: Masset struggling

When it comes to Nick Masset, Reds manager Dusty Baker is standing by his eighth-inning set up man.

It’s been a very rough run for Masset lately Masset and Tuesday added to the list. Given a 9-5 lead in the eighth, he gave up four runs and four hits, including the game-tying three-run homer by Matt Kemp.

In eight games, Masset’s ERA is 14.14 (7 IP, 13 H, 11 ER, 2 HR)

We’ll get Nick straight,” Baker said. “He’s got the stuff. We’ve seen it. He’s going through a little bad period right now. We need him badly. He’ll find it.”

When Baker was asked if Masset could be moved out of the eighth inning, this was Baker’s response:

“Who’s the better replacement?” Baker said. “Everybody says ‘get him out of there, get him out there.’ He’s our best choice. That’s what we’re paying him for. He’s our choice in the eighth inning – him and Arthur [Rhodes].”

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I’d like to see Janish get more field-time and more ab’s. Meanwhile, Jay Bruce may be the best .188 hitter in the league. In our collective forecasting and kvetching about this season, none of us dreamt the starting pitching would be this bad or that Mike Leake would be the stopper in the rotation. I have a feeling the weather and the Reds are going to get hot at the same time. Don’t know why. I’ve been as critical and pessimistic as (almost) anyone, but I’ve got a feeling. It would help if the guys who are hitting, Janish and Hannigan and Dickerson, for example, were playing more. Go Reds!

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