Rolen out again

Reds lineup:

Stubbs cf
Cabrera ss
Votto 1b
Phillips 2b
Gomes lf
Hanigan c
Bruce rf
Janish 3b
Arroyo p

Rolen is out again with a sore back. There was a delay in posting the lineup because he was going to test his back in the batting cage.

“I’m feeling better,” Rolen said before going to hit. “I’m trying to figure out if I can play Major League Baseball. I can walk around like a normal human being.  But that’s a little different than what I’m being called upon to do.”

Dusty Baker wasn’t in a chatty mood this morning but he clearly had a message he wanted to send after four straight losses.

“You have two choices. You can either get down or keep fighting it,” Baker said. “I don’t want to get down. If you get down, don’t stay down. Sure, it’s a downer after the game. The key to this is to keep it light. You can get down, just don’t stay down.” 

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1 Comment

Ok, it’s early and all like that there. Still, 5 in a row including being swept by the Pirates (!) kind o0f sticks in the craw. Two ways this team reminds me of last year’s: first, the strikeouts and second, the fact that if the pitchers give up four runs the game’s lost (much more often than not.
Of course, if you’re averaging just a smidge over 4 runs a game scoring, that’s going to happen. I complained last week about Cabrera’s lack of range, but he made a pretty wide ranging play behind second friday or Saturady, and it doesn’t matter if the batter was out or not (he was called out), that was a pretty good play.

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