Rough series for rotation

Why do I have a feeling that the Reds’ faithful will be vocal and outspoken for change if Aroldis Chapman has a great start on Friday for Louisville?

After a nice first week, it’s been a lousy second week for the current five members of the Reds rotation. The starting five’s ERA was 3.11 when the road trip began on Monday and is now at 5.43 after Aaron Harang was rock-and-rolled for eight runs in four innings and a 10-2 loss.

This is the series that was for the starters:

Cueto — 5 IP, 4 ER (0-0, 4.91 in two starts)
Arroyo — 6 IP, 5 ER (0-0, 3.86 in two starts
Bailey — 5.1 IP, 5 ER (0-1, 6.97 in two starts)
Harang — 4+ IP, 8 ER (0-2, 7.88 in three starts)

“That’s four days in a row I had to go to the bullpen early,” Reds manager Dusty Baker said. “We need some quality innings so we don’t kill those guys.”

The only good news is the Reds got a four-game series split after those starts. The bad news is they won the first two games and could have won the series.

With the Astros win for Bud Norris today, the Reds rotation became the lone group without a victory in the big leagues this season.

For only his second pro/big league start on Friday in Pittsburgh, Mike Leake suddenly is needed to be a stopper of sorts. He will be leaned on more than would normally be liked to go deep and provide some innings.

Do you think Leake can do it?

And will Chapman’s outing, if successful, speed up the clock for a promotion?

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I’m not gonna lie, i think it’s time to say goodbye to Harang. He’s a great guy and he used to be a great pitcher, but he hasn’t been the same since he was used in relief vs. the Padres two years ago. i think it’s time to DFA him and call up Chapman. Not worried about Bailey or Cueto, both guys are young and young pitchers will have down games, especially against a lineup as good as the Marlins. And i think whether he says it or not Arroyo is still feeling the affects of a line drive off the calf. I think he’s fine next time out.

What…? Eat up the money and release Harang after one really bad start? It hasn’t been two weeks, good sir. Please wait before panicking. I’m glad you’re not Cincy’s GM. lol

I’m with RR on this one. Pitching is the strength of the team and will come round, including Harang. I have another question – does this lineup strikeout so much (year after year) because of the players in it, or the batting philosophy? Of all the things ealy this season, the K’s really standout.

Funny you should mention that. I think some of the players are simply strikeout batters, but then again you have players like Joey Votto striking out and he’s a disciplined batter. Sooner or later Jacoby’s job needs to be looked at. I wish Pete Rose wasn’t banned. I bet (no pun intended) he’d make a good hitting coach.

The Reds have the most K’s in the league and the second fewest BB’s. (The Reds have 30 walks – the Astros are last with 8! The Phillies have the most walks and the fewest K’s).

One bad start? have you been watching him the last 2 years? Harang has a good start every now and then like he did against the Cubs, but most of the time it’s 5-6 innings and 5+ runs. and this is the supposed ace of the staff. we are already 0-3 when he starts. how much longer are we supposed to wait for him to come back to form?

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