Lineup at FLA, some stats

Greetings from the ballpark now known as Sun Life Stadium in South Florida. It was raining when I landed in Fort Lauderdale and it’s pretty menacing-looking outside right now. But I doubt a passing shower or two will stop the game.

Reds lineup vs. FLA

Stubbs 8
Cabrera 6
Votto 3
Phillips 4
Rolen 5
Bruce 9
Nix 7
Hernandez 2
Cueto 1

Some notes:

*The Reds are batting .230 as a team, which is ranked 12th in the NL.

*The Reds rotation has a 3.11 ERA, which is ranked third in the NL.

*Drew Stubbs has eight strikeouts in 20 at-bats with two walks. Joey Votto, also has eight strikeouts in 23 at-bats, with two walks. Votto is batting .316 while Stubbs is at .250.

*Jay Bruce is hitless in his last 17 ABs and is batting .053. 

*Jonny Gomes has six strikeouts in 14 ABs.

When asked about the team’s offensive issues, Dusty Baker wasn’t worried.

“Worry doesn’t do any good,” Baker said Monday afternoon. “That’s what you all don’t understand. You just have to work through it. There are guys struggling all over for whatever reason that you don’t know. We gave our guys plenty of at-bats, we thought, [in spring] to try and alleviate this. Sometimes, there’s no explanation. Some guys aren’t seeing the ball well. Some guys are hitting the ball well and not getting hits. Some guys that were hitting in spring are still hitting. Some guys that weren’t hitting in spring are still not hitting.”

*I saw Stubbs watching his swing on video this afternoon before many guys were in the clubhouse. It’s not an uncommon thing for players to do that — in fact most do.

“The last couple of days, I haven’t felt great at the plate,” said Stubbs. “[Sunday], in particular, I saw that my head was moving a little bit when I was swinging and causing me to swing through some balls. You see that and want to get back to the basics and fundamentals of your swing and re-start.”

*The Reds’ mohhawk club has doubled its membership. Jonny Gomes came to Spring Training with one. For the first time today, I noticed Micah Owings sporting a pseudo-mohawk on his dome.

*The Reds are 80-61 vs. the Marlins, all-time, entering tonight. They were 3-3 last season and 9-5 over the last two seasons.

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This is not the-sky-is-falling pessimism, but … does anyone else think Cabrera’s range at SS looks limited. I’d like to see a little more Janish in the late innings for defense (I know he botched a play the one time he was brought in). And I’d like to see him get a spot start now and then (I kinda thought he’d start yesterday) and I’d like to see him get some pinch hit opportunities (like yesterday when the Cubs brought in a lefthander to face Cairo, why not replace him with Janish? Yes, the Cus had a righthander ready in the bullpen, but at least you get them to waste a pitcher). Janish hit in spring training. If he doesn’t get an AB soon, he’ll forget which end of the bat to hold!

Votto will get dialed in soon and when he does he’ll go on a tear, but right now it is depressing watching him swing and miss every time. How many times do you think he has been up with guys on base though this year? Like maybe 5 out of 25 or something? I feel bad for Bruce, I bet he has 7 or 8 legitimate lineouts already, if only half of those fall he is batting around .200. Our 3-3 record so far is about as good as we could hope for since our hitting has been so dismal. Let’s hope Cueto can get the first win for a starter this year. Mark, do the Reds lead the league in offensive strikeouts? I can’t imagine anyone being ahead of them. Big week, need to win both series. Go Reds!


Nevermind, three teams in the National League have more K’s then us, but only one team has less walks. Need to be more selective at the plate I’m thinking. Easier said then done obviously.

I’ve seen just about every inning of the Reds early season thus far and was logging on to make a similar comment about Cabrera’s range. I’ve seen at least 5 or 6 balls in the hole that an average shortstop at least gets to..and a couple plays that just flat out need to be made. It looks like the infield dirt is beach sand he runs but gets nowhere. This has created a few long innings, including one tonight against Florida. It makes our young pitchers work harder and lose confidence. I know Janish struggles offensively but I want my SS to catch everything before I even think about him hitting. At the very worst he hits .220 and at the very best Cabrera hits .275..maybe. Suck up the 3 hits a week you lose and get the glove out there.

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