Rainy Thursday

There are showers around GABP but all signs point to a game being played here today.

Reds lineup vs. STL

Stubbs 8
Cabrera 6
Votto 3
Phillips 4
Rolen 5
Bruce 9
Gomes 7
Hanigan 2
Arroyo 1

Just from reading the story comments, tweets and blogs out there the last couple of days, it’s amazing to me how super-negative fans have gotten after only two games. I probably am not surprised but it’s still stunning how quick it happened.

Some people don’t like the move using Ondrusek in the seventh last night. This was a guy that had 10 scoreless innings in spring and perfect debut on Monday. Me? I was fine with the decision. Him throwing a four-pitch walk to Brendan Ryan certainly wasn’t in the plans. He got Pujols to break his bat on a cutter. Pujols is that good that he could still muscle it for a big hit.

The Reds are 0-2, so what? The season isn’t over. There are 159 games left after Thursday. In football last season, the Titans started something like 0-6 and still almost made the playoffs. The Broncos started 6-0 and didn’t make the playoffs. And that’s in a 16-game  NFL season.

Baseball is 162 games, folks. I will reserve judgement on how the season will turn out for quite a while. Am I wrong to wait it out in this age of instant gratifacation, judgment and feedback?

Some quick notes:

Hanigan is catching, partially because it’s a day game after a night game and partially because Arroyo is pitching.

“Ramon hadn’t caught two nine-inning games in a row at Spring Training,” Dusty Baker said. “He’s looking pretty good. We’ve got to keep him healthy. Arroyo and Hanigan work well together, [it’s] a day game after night. It’s perfect.”

*Baker said he had a meeting with Ondrusek this morning about the importance of the seventh inning role.

*If you haven’t noticed, MLB.com has brought back the notebook format with what we’re calling The Reds Beat. You’ll find it daily on game days. Hope you like it. It might impact the notes in this blog. Let me know what you think.

*Here are the Cubs probable pitchers for the next series:

Carlos Silva vs Bailey (Fri), Carlos Zambrano vs. Harang (Sat) and Tom Gorzellany vs. Leake (Sun). The Reds are still listing Sunday as TBA on the game notes. Leake arrived in the clubhouse on Wednesday night but is technically not allowed to be with the team until he’s added to the roster. That will happen before Sunday’s game.

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I agree with what you’re saying about people jumping ship on the entire season already. As you know Cincinnati is long-due for a successful baseball season, and with the way the media sorta-not-really hyped the Reds this offseason, I think a lot of people were expecting a much more immediate return on investment* this season. This season is still very young and this is the best team we’ve seen on the field for years, likely since our last playoff appearance. Im still extremely excited for this season, playoffs or not, we have a good team.

*investments being acquisitions made in the offseason whether by trades, free agency, or unexpected 30 million dollar signings.


I agree also, and I am also not surprised that people act like that. It happens every year in every sport. I try to get people excited about Reds baseball and they believe what I say. Then when they lose all I hear is, Hey, I thought you said they would be good. It’s two freaking games, relax. I’ve seen some good things the first two games. How many bleeders and dribblers did the Cards have get through yesterday? Four? Five? How many line drive outs did the Reds have? At least three. You can’t win them all. These guys that are jumping off the bandwagon will be the same guys telling chics at the bars later when they are 40-30 about how they are huge Reds fans and have believed in them all year. Give me a break.

*fist pump*

Nice blog Mark, I have been following for awhile now and really appreciate your reporting. Being on the west coast you are my main news source. So far two frustrating games. The Cardinals are hot right now, Pujols is on fire and their pitching has been tough. It could be a lot worse. It is too early to make any conclusions for the season. If the Reds can hold .500 over the first 30 to 40 games or so I think it is a good sign. I think there is some added pressure on these guys playing at home in Cincinnati, it is quite different from Goodyear.

I’m not super negative, but for me and maybe some others, the problem is that coming out of spring training, this team looks and plays a lot like last year’s. And the results look the same: if the pitching gives up 4 runs, the Reds (much more often than not) lose. But it is early, and this team is not the team that’s going to finish the season. I’d rather start slow and finish strong (like the Rockies the past few years), than light it up in April and May and fade to black by mid-July. So not to worry – lots of ball to play, lots of changes to look forward to.

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