The day after…

Apologies for the lack of blogging on Opening Day. With a lot going on, a lot to write, some connectivity issues and the fact my cellphone was out and I couldn’t email myself photos, I gave up on the idea.

But here are two pictures that I wanted to see the light of day in Internet land.

OD 040510.jpg

It’s always great seeing the players on the lines in numerical order on Opening Day. It’s one of my favorite moments each year.

jamie 040510.jpg

That’s my finger partially in the way but you can’t block out that red blazer being sported by the Jamie Ramsey, who was clearly putting the red in ‘Better Off Red.’ Be sure to check his nickel and dime blog for some great pictures of the day.

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Lots of missed opportunities in Game 1. But I think the fact that we had runners on and had some opportunities gives me a good feeling about the season. Not that one game should mean much but scoring some runs gives more promise then getting shut down like the last couple of years. Take away the stolen Rolen homer, the Pujols wall scraper, and the Molina granny that cleared by a foot and wouldnt have cleared in 95% of parks, the outcome could have been much different. As much as the whole offseason drags on because you want baseball to start back up, nothing is worse than the Tuesday off day after Opening Day. Let’s get one tomorrow.


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