I forgot to do this yesterday but wanted to knock it out before it was too late….

Here are a couple of Reds predictions for the season:

Number of wins in 2010: 84

NL Central finish: 3rd

Last year, I predicted 80 wins and a third-place finish. Let’s see if I do better this season.

What do you think?


Don’t be so hard on yourself Sheldon, you were two wins off and only two games out of third last year. Dusty is doing it again, over managing. You are taking out two of your starters that earned that spot. Stubbs and Gomes should be in there on opening day. I know Carpenter is a righty and all but I think you go with your best team at the start of the season. If they prove they can’t hit against righties then you can start “platooning” but at least give them a chance this year. Oh well, hopefully I’m wrong and Nix and Dickerson have big games. Anyway, I’ll be on here everyday Sheldon, lets have some fun this year. Go Reds!

Oh and my prediction will be 87 wins, second place, no wild card, but some fun games in September, which is all we really want.

I like your predicition – but not for the team the Reds are now. However, I think the team they might become during the season could finish above .500. One way or another, it’s going to be an interesting year, and the future looks really promising. On another topic, the website designers sure buried the blog links – people are really going to have to look and look to find your blog. Why dey do dat? Go Reds!

I think this year we make major strides. We’ll finish 4 or 5 games over .500, finish 2nd in the Central, and miss the Wild Card by just a few games. Next year we take the next step and make the playoffs.

Remember Dan Quisenberry? Aside from being a pretty good pitcher, he also left us with a memorable quote: “I have seen the future. It is like the present only longer.” Predictions that diverge from a trajectory of the present are dangerous, but here goes: There will be 4 teams in the division race through August. STL will not win it. The Reds will have to wait to wait till 2011 to take the NL Central, not so much because the talent has to mature, but because some contractual obligations have to expire. Votto will have a break-out year, and he has already broken out. Francisco will force his way into the lineup somewhere. Hanigan will start knocking in runs. Dickerson will depart. The Reds bullpen will be legendary. The Reds will win 85 games and finish 2nd.

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