Opening Day lineups


21 Chris Dickerson CF
2 Orlando Cabrera SS
19 Joey Votto 1B
4 Brandon Phillips 2B
27 Scott Rolen 3B
32 Jay Bruce RF
17 Laynce Nix LF
55 Ramon Hernandez C
39 Aaron Harang RHP


55 Skip Schumaker 2B
13 Brendan Ryan SS
5 Albert Pujols 1B
7 Matt Holliday LF
28 Colby Rasmus CF
47 Ryan Ludwick RF
4 Yadier Molina C
23 David Freese 3B
29 Chris Carpenter RHP


So, Dickerson beat out Stubbs? Huh?

what a beautiful day!

what a beautiful day!

@hangman — by the rationale, you’re saying Nix beat out Gomes for LF? It’s a left-handed lineup to take on Carpenter. Plus, Dickerson is 5-for-10 (5 singles) lifetime vs. Carpenter.

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