40 players left in camp

The Reds made three more cuts on Monday, which trimmed the roster down to 40 players.

Outfielder Chris Heisey was optioned to Triple-A Louisville while infielder/outfielder Todd Frazier and shortstop Zack Cozart were re-assigned to the Minor League camp. All three struggled at the plate this spring.

Heading into Tuesday’s off day, here is how the camp stands. Of course, they need to get to a 25-man roster before April 5.

There are 20 pitchers left:

61 Arroyo, Bronson
34 Bailey, Homer
51 Burton, Jared
54 Chapman, Aroldis
48 Cordero, Francisco
47 Cueto, Johnny
46 Fisher, Carlos
39 Harang, Aaron
52 Herrera, Daniel Ray
76 Leake, Mike*
62 Lehr, Justin*
57 Lincoln, Mike
56 Maloney, Matt
40 Masset, Nick
66 Ondrusek, Logan
33 Owings, Micah
53 Rhodes, Arthur
36 Volquez, Edinson (60-day DL)
30 Wells, Kip*
71 Wood, Travis

 4 catchers:

26 Castillo, Wilkin*
29 Hanigan, Ryan
55 Hernandez, Ramon
37 Miller, Corky*

10 infielders:

16 Burke, Chris*
2 Cabrera, Orlando
43 Cairo, Miguel*
64 Francisco, Juan
7 Janish, Paul
3 Miles, Aaron
4 Phillips, Brandon
27 Rolen, Scott
15 Sutton, Drew
19 Votto, Joey

6 outfielders:

25 Balentien, Wladimir
32 Bruce, Jay
21 Dickerson, Chris
31 Gomes, Jonny
17 Nix, Laynce*
6 Stubbs, Drew

* = non-roster player

Also — Balentien and Lincoln are out of options.


It sure would have been nice to see Frazier get the playing time at 2B instead of Aaron Miles and Chris Burke, and Miguel Cairo’s time at 1B and 3B. It also would have been more useful to play Zack Cozart than the other backups at SS.

The Reds have two perfectly good backup IF in Janish and Sutton. Why spend our time on all these washed up veterans instead? That’s one of the downsides of Baker and, apparently, Jocketty.

Notice what the A’s did with Taveras? They DFA’d him on day one. He didn’t take away any PT from their younger OF.

SP Mancuso: Down below, Mark says he thinks the Reds will take 12 pitchers into Opening Day. That leaves 13 spots: 8 regulars; and Dickerson (assuming Stubbs makes the team); and Hannigan. That leaves 3. If Cairo sticks and is the backup at 1B then the team doesn’t have to consider keeping three catchers. That leaves 2. Janish (late inning defense at SS); and another IF / OF to cover 2B and 3B – it has to be Miles. Except for Francisco, none of the young guns have hit this Spring. Francisco is a bad glove wherever you play him. You’re not going to put him at 2B, for example. So he’s AAA bound. I want this team to play the youngsters as much as anyone (see my early posts) but they haven’t stepped up. Dusty will put a team that *might* contend on the field on Opening Day, and then we’ll just have to see what happens. For all we know, the infield could be Alonso, Frazier, Cozart and Francisco by August 1. I guess we have to hope not.

I checked the 40-man roster – Cairo’s not on it. If he makes the team, the Reds will have top expose someone to waivers (I talk like I know what’s what; I don’t. I’m just guessing). Maybe Balentien? Nix is also not on the roster.

mark, just noticed you starred the non-roster players. Maybe I should pay attention!

@maxblue: Drew Sutton is the person who should be the second backup infielder, along with Paul Janish. Sutton can play all around the IF and even in the OF if necessary. And he’s hit well, when given the chance, this spring. One of the costs of playing Miles, Cairo and Burke so much is that Sutton hasn’t gotten to play enough. I have a small personal blog about my observations from spring training – I’m in Goodyear for two weeks – and wrote about the IF situation there. http://seeingreds.blogspot.com/2010/03/post-chapocalyptic-observations-and.html

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