Gomes preparing for daily grind

It’s a pretty quiet morning at the compound. Here are quick notes:

*For later today, I will be writing about OF Jonny Gomes, who is having a nice spring. Entering today. he’s batting .290 (9-for-31) with three home runs and nine RBIs. While many have expected the left field vacancy to be some sort of platoon situation, Gomes is trying to show he can hit both right-handers and left-handers. Last season, he batted .244 vs. righties and .307 against lefties.

“I just wanted to come in healthy and ready to go with a lot of flexibility for Dusty,” Gomes said. “I didn’t want there to be anything he’d ask me to do that I wasn’t ready or in shape to do – arm wise, defense wise, hitting-wise, hitting righties, hitting lefties,  playing left field, playing right field. I wanted to have my full bag of clubs.”

*Gomes, who took some weight off during the winter, is playing the road game today vs. the A’s, and facing a left-handed starter.

*There are still seven candidates for the fifth starter spot. The not-so-hot outings by Travis Wood or Mike Leake did not prompt any new decisions.

“You don’t want anyone to get roughed up but you want to see how they’ll handle this,” Dusty Baker said. “You wanted to how they handled getting in trouble. Then you also want to see them the next time out after that. It’s hard to get a barometer on success only.”

*My take: I think it’s going to come down to Chapman or Wood, with Chapman being the favorite and the most deserving based on the performances on the field to this point. Chapman next pitches on Monday vs. the Rockies — he’s scheduled for four innings of relief.

*For the road game today, Chris Speier will manage and coach third base. Eric Davis is coaching first base and Ellis Burks is the hitting coach.

*There is only one more split-squad day after today, on March 31 when a team will go to Las Vegas. Baker said he would make the trip. The rest of the team hasn’t been determined.

“I’ll take the guys that are probably the most ready because they’re not going to get the work back here that the other guys would,” Baker said. “Guys I think need extra BP or are close will stay back probably. I will check which guys have family there. It’s a business trip but it’s also a reward for hard work trip as well.”

*The lone off day of spring is Tuesday and it will be very welcomed.

“I think only one other team is off later than us,” Baker said. “It will be a much needed off day. It’s synonymous to the regular season playing 18-19 days in a row, you have to push through it instead of looking for that off day. They’ve been busting it pretty good.”

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