No LF chances for Francisco

The Reds hoped they could get Juan Francisco into left field to see what he can do. They’re still hoping.

During Tuesday’s 13-7 win over Arizona, Francisco didn’t get any chances. In the first inning, he nearly fell over a railing trying for a foul ball out of play. But that was it.

“Of course. Isn’t that how it goes?” manager Dusty Baker said. “We saw that wind blowing out there and said ‘oh Lord, this is not the day to break him in left field.”

Baker said Francisco would get another chance to play left field but didn’t know when. Offensively, Francisco was 1-for-3 with a RBI single in the first inning. He also grounded out twice.

All three at-bats ended after the first pitch.

“That’s who he is right now,” Baker said. “That’s the only thing we’re afraid of when the word gets around about pitch selection. You’d rather have a guy you have to calm down than a young man you have to prod to swing. He’s aggressive.”

Other post-game notes:

*The Reds have scored 31 runs over their last three games, including 13-spots two days in a row.  They are 5-1-1 over their last seven games. Not that it means anything.

*Jay Bruce was 2-for-3 with two RBIs. Taking advantage of a 19 mph wind blowing to left field, Bruce went opposite field twice — with a RBI double in the first inning and a home run in the second. Bruce is 9-for-23 (.391) this spring.

“We had some guys swinging the bat great. Jay Bruce has his stroke going pretty good,” Baker said. “It’s fun to see this early. We got some timely hits.”

*Drew Stubbs was 2-for-3 with a double and two-run triple. Check out the full story on him on later. 

*In the young pitcher department, Logan Ondrusek’s nice spring continued with 1 1/3 scoreless innings and two strikeouts. Ondrusek has been perfect over his 3 1/3 innings in three outings. He took over today for lefty Philippe Valiquette, who allowed three earned runs and two hits over his one inning. Valiquette also hit two batters in a row.

“Once he gets control of the strike zone and tightens up his breaking ball a little bit…he’s got big league stuff but right now, minor league command. He’s going to be a very good pitcher,” Baker said.

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Nice work, as always, Mark. I just can’t see Francisco making the team – he’s incredibly undisciplined at the plate. Although Dusty Baker is probably the only manager that doesn’t care that he swings at the first pitch all the time.

I’m in Goodyear for two weeks watching the Reds. I’ve been writing a blog (mainly for my Reds-loving friends) called “Seeing Reds.” It’s at

I just posted an item about how Dickerson and Stubbs are competing for the leadoff spot, not just the centerfield job and that those are different. If Dickerson is the LF and Stubbs the CF, in my opinion, Dickerson should be the leadoff hitter based on his superior walk rate and OBP. I also wrote an item this morning about Leake-Mania.

Keep up the great reporting. I love reading it.

How has Homer Bailey looked?


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