Music mixes with baseball

Apologies for the late start to the blog. Hope to do better tomorrow.

Bronson Arroyo, today’s starter was talking with a semi-raspy voice inside the clubhouse before his start vs. the Dodgers. He had good reason — Arroyo sang six songs during Jake Peavy’s charity concert in town — “Woodjock.”

“Barry Zito, Peavy and myself have to pitch today. Luck of the draw,” Arroyo said. “We’ll see if I can get someone out today.”

Brandon Medders was on lead guitar and Bernie Williams played backup guitar. Zito was on the drums. Arroyo had no itch to pick up a guitar — playing has given him carpal tunnel soreness and he no longer plays during baseball season.

“If I did that, [president/CEO] Bob Castellini will call me back to his house at The Sanctuary. I might not come back this time,” Arroyo joked. “I’m sure that house is at the edge of a cliff for a reason.”

*One of the sights on the field was pop singer Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers. He took batting practice in the cage with the Dodgers and broke a bat to some laughter from the players. Jonas, wearing a No. 92 jersey with his name on it, looked like he was having a good time.

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