Good days for Cueto, Heisey

The second wave of live batting practice went down on Thursday.

Johnny Cueto broke a couple of bats and I don’t think anyone did anything spectacular against him. It was good for the Reds to see Cueto that sharp considering he was not allowed to pitch in winter ball.

heisey.jpgHomer Bailey was bringing some heat and came in hard and brushed Paul Janish’s windbreaker chest high. He was fine but Janish’s eyes were opened a little wider as he gathered himself.

Chris Heisey (pictured, left) had the most success as a hitter. Heisey homered twice against Francisco Cordero and did likewise against Aaron Harang.

“They’re out there trying to work on things and I was trying to put some wood on the ball,” Heisey said. “I don’t take any stock in it. it’s better than swinging and missing 10 times. I’m not going to call my whole family tonight and tell them.”

Heisey said he didn’t even remember how many long balls he hit.

Before live BP, everyone took pop fly drills. Louisville manager Rick Sweet put a ball in a machine and sent them way up. The high sky and bright sun made it adventurous. At least there was no wind.

Guys had trouble tracking the pop ups and there was the occassional miss or two players getting a little two close converging on the same ball.

There was one casualty from the session. Infielder Chris Burke, a non-roster invite, suffered a dislocated right ring finger when a ball kicked off of it. X-ray showed a small fracture. He will be re-examined in a couple of days after the swelling goes down.


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I really hope Heisey and / or a couple of the young players come up with the team. Everyone seems excited about this team, but the offseason buzz was about signing the catcher we had last year and the left fielder we had last year. Unless Cabrera, Cairo and Miles represent bigtime upgrades, this is the same team that finished under 500 last year, except we won’t have Volquez probably all year. But – the Reds have lots of apparently talented youngsters in the minors. To have hope of finishing 500+, the team needs either to be touched by magic, or have some young players emerge into stardom, or both. So lets have more Heisey, Francisco, Chapman, et al. They are our best hope!

In response to the first post, I must say that finishing above .500 shouldn’t be hard to do. With 4 more victories we could have done it last year even with the tremendous number of injuries that we had. Do you really think it will take magic or something to get 4 more wins? I think you are way underestimating what this team can do, when healthy.

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