Smooth day

Tuesday’s first full squad workout seemed to have no incidents or issues. All 59 players in camp participated.

There was a lot going on at one time. I watched Yonder Alonso hit in the cage for a little bit. Juan Francisco hit a couple very deep shots over the fence — to both sides of the field. Joey Votto, Scott Rolen and Jay Bruce all hit in the same group.

GM Walt Jocketty used a speedy golf cart to get around to watch everything. He humorously honked at me to get off of the path when I wasn’t paying attention while I was on the phone.

Funniest sight of the day came after the workout. Aroldis Chapman was walking across the front sidewalk of the complex to leave and talking on his phone. Two autograph seekers camped at the entrance walked over to get him to sign. Once he did, about a dozen other guys sprinted across the lawn and surrounded him like seagulls looking for snacks. Honestly, I don’t know if Chapman ever escaped.

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