Gomes in the house

With a mohawk on his head and a smile on his face, Jonny Gomes walked into the Reds clubhouse on Monday after the workout. Several guys were there to greet him.

Gomes agreed to a one year Major League contract with a club option, pending the passing of his physical. He said he would talk after it’s done.

“The only thing we hadn’t checked off was a right-handed power hitter,” Reds general manager Walt Jocketty said. “I think Jonny definitely fills that role. There will definitely be a lot of competition for that spot in the outfield.”

In 281 at-bats for the Reds, Gomes slugged 20 home runs while batting .267 with 51 RBIs and .338 on-base percentage in 98 games. But he was non-tendered on Dec. 12.

Gomes’ name was linked to numerous clubs throughout the winter. He was reportedly close to joining the Cubs in January until Chicago signed Xavier Nady. The Indians and Mariners were also rumored suitors.

“It was definitely a different off-season than in the past,” said Gomes. “A lot of people overplayed their hand, it’s what it seemed like. It wasn’t in my case at all. If I was ever to hold out for money or a big deal, it wouldn’t be after a 280 at-bat campaign.

“After the non-tender [on Dec 12], the No. 1 thing on my plate was a Major League deal. The money is nice of course but I just wanted to major league deal. It took all the way to Feb. 22. It doesn’t matter when you sign as long as you get in before camp. Here I am. I’m definitely happy to be back, for sure.”

OK fans, what do you think?


I’m glad the Reds got it done. Gomes was clutch last year and I’ve always liked his attitude.

Hey Mark, I’ve been hearing from several sites that If Chapman makes it to the big leagues before a certain date (Somewhere in the mid-May range I think) that his contract turns into a 3 year deal instead of a possible six year deal. Is there any truth to this? If there is I sure hope we don’t see him to start the season, if there isn’t then I hope we do, just hoping to get the truth on it so I can relax a little, thanks!

I don’t have the exact contract language in front of me. But whether it’s less than six years or not is technically moot. Chapman is still under team control for first six years…if the deal was three years, he would still go through arbitration process each of following three years.

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