Camp open; Chapman, Janish

When they weren’t taking physicals, many Reds players were getting lost or just looking around at their new Spring Training place. Camp has opened and the pitchers and catchers’ workout is due to begin shortly.

Only two pitchers aren’t here on time — Enerio Del Rosario and Pedro Viola. Both had flight issues getting out of the Dominican Republic. Both are expected in town later.

The Reds will be holding a press conference with Aroldis Chapman on Monday. So that will be the first time we hear from him directly. Manager Dusty Baker, of course, has met with him already.

“I had a nice chat with Chapman and some other guys,” Baker said. The conversation, he noted, was in Spanish.

“I like his makeup, body type and he understands pretty well what you’re saying,” Baker said. “It seems like when guys do speak to him in English, he comprehends. You can tell when a person doesn’t understand.”

Pitching coach Bryan Price is in charge of the Spring Training plan for Chapman.

“There’s always a plan. It’d be hard to imagine not seeing him in games,” Baker said. “Talking to Bryan, he usually has two weeks off the entire year. This is probably the longest he’s been off in his life.

“We’re going to do a combination of what he’s been doing and also what we think is best from the way we do things.”

Other goings ons on Day 1 of camp:

More position players arrived early — namely Jay Bruce and Paul Janish.

On not being the shortstop now that Orlando Cabrera is signed:

“It was a little disheartening,” Janish said. “If you had asked me in November if we would probably sign somebody, I would have said yes. Obviously the timing of this was so close to Spring Training. I went through the offseason thinking of something else. It is what it is. It’s the way it works. I’m a pretty positive guy. I have the mentality that as long as I’m on the team helping us win, that’s a good thing. What else can you do?

“It’s just change of mentality. I have to get into the mindset of being a utility guy again, a guy that comes off the bench later in the game or if something happens. That’s really it. The writing was on the wall. Orlando is obviously a pretty decorated player that has been in the big leagues a long time. He’s a good player. Anything that makes the team better means we’re going in the right direction.”

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