Early arrivals

If you’re the Reds front office, you have to like the early turnout. Each year, many players arrive ahead of the report date but there seemed to be more than usual.

The fresh new facility in Goodyear might have something to do with that. But there were lots of players already working out for several days. The report date for pitchers and catchers is Thursday.

The clubhouse is beyond belief, especially coming from Sarasota, and offered a very good first impression. I didn’t get to see it the other day. This one is as good as the one in GABP and just as massive. Over the middle of the room are four 60-inch flat screen TVs that are connected and hang like an arena scoreboard. Nice touch.

Among the early arrivals: Aaron Harang, Aroldis Chapman, Nick Masset, Daniel Herrera, Jared Burton, Ryan Hanigan, Homer Bailey, Micah Owings, Corky Miller, Edinson Volquez, Mike Leake and several others.

“This place is great,” Masset said. “They did a really good job. I’m excited. This is by far the best complex I’ve ever played at. It’s awesome, inside and outside, the fields, the mounds. You get that feeling coming to camp, you’re always excited to get in and get started. When you come into a clubhouse like this, it makes it 10 times better.”

I saw guys long toss. Chapman was throwing BBs from right-center field to the right field foul line. There were guys conditioning on “Mount Krause.” the grassy hill built here for drills.

There is a good, quiet work room here for the media, aka the Goodyear News Bureau. Before, we shared our work space with the media/scouts lunchroom, where it would get loud and distracting before games. Now I have one less excuse not to write well.

Back at you Thursday for the first workout.


Mark – We’ve heard a lot about Leake and his winter success. Remind me who our 2nd pick in the amateur draft was and how he’s doing. Also, who’s our best shot at being a lefthanded starter in the rotation that comes north? Glad you made it to Arizona – couldn’t have been easy getting out of here on Monday (if you flew from Cincy). Supposedly more on the way – you’re not missing a treat.

Second pick was Brad Boxberger — not invited to big league camp. But I’ve heard good things about how he did at end of season in Sarasota, etc. My projected 5th starter is LHP Matt Maloney — but that could change based on camp performance. Reds aren’t too hung up about having a lefty in the rotation. They’ve gone north past few years without one.

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