On the ground in Goodyear…

First, a sorry for the next sentence to those folks snowbound in Cincinnati and other areas of the country. I must say the weather is spectacular here in Arizona. Mid 70’s during the day and 50’s at night and that’s the forecast for the rest of the week too, with nary a cloud in sight. Humidity is low. In other words — perfect.

The first person I saw when I exited the airport was Charles Barkley. Of course, he’s a hard guy to miss. The taxi stand guy and a few fans posed with him for pictures. His cab driver shook his hand with excitement. I thought that was the official Arizona welcome to all — but that was reserved only for Sir Charles.

I’m still settling in but I took a brief gander of the new Reds facility in Goodyear. For those who care purely about the baseball, this place will make you forget all about what they had in Sarasota. There is no comparison, at all.  I will try to provide more details and description in the days and weeks ahead. Let me know in the comments section if there is any question you want answered about the place. The last time I was out here, it was under construction but the finished product is good stuff. 

The Reds have been shooting video of the complex. Here is a link to the weight room tour:


I’m staying in Goodyear about 10 minutes from the yard and it seems to be a nice town so far. Obviously, there’s no beach nearby and many of the restaurants you’ll find are familiar chains — which will frustrate the adventurous eater — but I think anyone that comes out here will be pleasantly surprised. Scottsdale and Tempe are about 30-40 minutes away and both are worth seeing. And with 13 of the 15 Cactus League teams all in the metro Phoenix area, you can take in a lot of baseball.

I will be at the camp Wednesday to get started. Things begin in earnest on Thursday when camp opens.

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Sounds great. I can’t wait to see it for myself. I’m coming out from Ohio on 3/9 and staying until 3/25. I’m staying in Buckeye. Write about any local restaurants you discover. I hope to get a chance to meet you in person so I can thank you for all your great reporting.

So while you’re out there do you ever live out a little baseball fantasy? Sneak in a round of BP or play catch with some of the players your interviewing?

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