Reds, Gomes waiting it out

The holding pattern between the Reds and Jonny Gomes is continuing. There has been no advancement in talks as the opening of Spring Training draws near.

“It’s the same as it was before,” Reds general manager Walt Jocketty said

On the phone from Goodyear, Ariz., Jocketty sounded like the team was moving forward with its plans, with or without Gomes in the fold.

“We think we will get everyone in camp, meet with everybody and then decide if we need to do something else,” Jocketty said. “He’s also exploring other situations. We’ll see next week.”

There are 17 outfielders still on the free agent market — including Jermaine Dye and Johnny Damon are the biggest names. But Garret Anderson, Cliff Floyd, Endy Chavez and Marlon Anderson are among the others on the next tier — I wouldn’t be surprised that if one of them signs and establishes what’s left of the market, Gomes might then make his decision.

The Reds have no plans to bring in any other free agents if Gomes doesn’t sign.

Meanwhile, Jocketty said the all was well out west.

“It’s beautiful. Temperatures are in the 70s and there’s not a cloud in the sky,” he said. “On Monday, we’ll get the ofifce up and running. On Tuesday, I will get with my staff and on Wednesday, I will meet with Dusty and the coaches and get our strategy planned out.”

Camp opens with the first workout for pitchers and catchers on Thursday.

And for those that were wondering the other day, Kip Wells will be added to the mix for the fifth spot of the rotation battle. Wells agreed to a Minor League deal a couple of days ago.

“We told him at the end of last year that if nothing else happened for him elsewhere, we’d bring him back,” Jocketty said. “He did well for us at the end of the season.”

Wells, signed to a Minor League deal in July, became a fill-in starter for the Reds late in the season and was 2-1 with a 3.65 ERA in four September starts.

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Cliff Floyd informed WFAN’s Mike Francesa that he was retiring during Super Bowl week.

My only comment is that Jonny might want to think long and hard about that these other guys have to offer teams before he bases his expectations on what they get offered. For example, Garrett Anderson is on the downside of a long and fairly productive career. Endy Chavez brings good defense and speed to a team. Marlon Anderson is a proven pinch hitter. Jonny is, on some levels, a bust to this point who could take advantage of GABP to pad his stats and get a chance at making the big league roster if things go well for him like they did last year. What he has to face is that, unlike last year, the Reds are a lot closer to having other in-house options to play left field, so Jonny is far from assured of making it to the bigs next season with the Reds. Perhaps he should accept his fate gracefully and take what he can get, then hope for injuries to open up a spot for him again. Sorry if this sounds harsh, but I can’t really get excited about Jonny when so many other guys with similar talent and experience are just happy to have a job and are willing to do whatever it takes to make it back to the show. He seems to think that he would be a huge difference maker on the club and I just don’t know that I agree with him and / or his agent.

A bust??? Or, a former 18th round pick who busted his tail to make it to the big leagues? The guy is nothing but a solid teammate and, by all accounts, an all-around good guy. He’s no allstar, but he’s fun to watch and easy to root for (check out his story, you might change your opinion of him).

I understand Reds fans who want an upgrade, but the trashing Jonny takes by some after doing nothing but posting solid offensive numbers last year and helping the Reds win a few games is just baffling.


Do you think the reason the Reds are not being aggressive with Gomes is due to the fact Jaun Fransisco won the MVP during the offseason?
Also another question: With the signing of Chapman, will the Reds look at other defecting players (Adeiny Hechevarria is a Shortstop we could need in the future), if Chapman might be friends with or recommenced signing? Or is this a one time deal with Cuban players?

I’m all for letting the chips lie with Gomes. I like him, I think he would be a good person to have, but the execs have earned my respect this off season for me to wait till I pass judgement.
My only question runs to Kip Wells…Wasn’t he the one who blew the Cards game for us big time at the end of last year? I was sitting at the ball park for that last day game and it was embarrasing. Minors is where he belongs if so.


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