One week 'til Arizona

It’s hard to believe, but there are a mere seven days left until Reds pitchers and catchers report. I know people love their football but I don’t see their fans get as geeked up for the opening of training camp.

Just the reporting of pitchers and catchers to Spring Training gets baseball fans stirring.

There will be a lot of Spring Training previews and primers to get you ready. Here are mine:

Part 1: Where will Chapman end up?

Part 2: Questions that need answers

And also — five Reds that have the heat turned up a little higher going into 2010.

And to tease you with some warm weather shots, Reds media relations director Rob Butcher provided pictures from Goodyear on Jamie Ramsey’s ‘Better off Red’ blog.


I will be flying out to Arizona on Monday, a little early to get my bearings. Obviously, left field and fifth starter are the only battles for spots.  

Going into camp, what storylines are on your mind?


I’d take one look at Chapman’s fastball and put him on the roster before he could possibly injury himself in the minors. Though, he should definately be in middle relief/setup to start! As a non-Reds fan, I just want to see him pitch!

Mark, if the Reds do not perform well by mid-season, do they trade Harang and Arroyo? Also, I saw your projected line-up (with C. Dickerson in left) on article. Would you change that line-up order if Gomes signs, makes the team and starts in left? Where does Phillips bat in the order then? Thanks.

If Gomes signed, he would probably platoon with Dickerson in LF and that would likely alter the lineup on a given day. Also — it’s always possible for Dickerson to slide over and play CF if Stubbs doesn’t get it done. I’d still expect Phillips to bat 4th whether Gomes is around or not.

Have a safe trip, Mark! Bring back a contender,

My line up.
Yes I know Gomez is not on the team, but he should be. Philips is good but never a clean-up hitter. He has been there out of necesity.
If (and a big IF) all stay healthy and play to their capabilties, this team could make some noice. Good luck Reds.

Mark-I like your work.
There are two reasons that I would like to see Aroldis Chapman start in the minors, unless he is just absolutely ready for the bigs.
Id like to see him head to AAA to hopefully have good success to build up some confidence.
Also if Matt Maloney or Travis Wood won the 5th starter spot, we could see what either of those guys can really bring and hopefully, if they are successful we could bring up Champan to help in the pen for a while. An electric fastball and plus slider I think would make him effective there as long as his control is good.
Check out my Reds blog:

Thanks for your work.
Alex Apple
Nashville, TN

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