Out of options

In case you were wondering, the following Reds players head into 2010 Spring Training out of options:

RHP Bronson Arroyo, RHP Homer Bailey, IF/OF Wladimir Balentien, RHP Francisco
Cordero, RHP Mike Lincoln and RHP Nick Masset.

This should only really affect Balentien, and possibly Lincoln. But remember, Lincoln is owed $2 million this season and pitched well for most of 2008 before his neck injury limited him to 19 games in 2009.

As a short explainer, players that are out of minor league options and sent down get 10 days to clear waivers. By the end of that period, they must either be traded, sent down outright or released. Most players get three minor league options that begin once they are on the 40-man roster. One option is good for one whole season’s worth of multiple call-ups and demotions.

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What do you think ends up happening to Balentien? He seems pretty talented, but the Reds outfield seems pretty crowded.

Do you think he has a real shot at winning a starting job in the Reds OF? Or do you think he will get released or traded?

Too hard to predict until everyone gets to camp and games start. He’s in the mix to compete for LF and since Gomes isn’t signed, the Reds are short on MLB experienced right-handed hitting corner outfielders.

Mark, two questions: 1) can the Reds get good before the contracts for their young core players come up and they can’t afford to keep them all? 2) Will the team they bring north this year be better than the one that ended the season last year? I am really excited about Spring Training starting!

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