What's going on with Gomes?

With less than two weeks before the Reds start Spring Training, outfielder Jonny Gomes seemed far from assured of being signed.

Since last week when it was learned the two sides were talking about a Minor League contract, there has been little movement.

“Nothing recently,” Reds general manager Walt Jocketty said on Friday night. “We may re-evaluate where we’re at with our roster and with the number of people we have going [to Spring Training].”

If the Reds do not end up signing Gomes, they will not try to pursue another outfielder as a Plan B.

“We’ll either do something with him or stay with what we have until we get to camp and see how it shakes out,” Jocketty said. “There’s no real deadline. We’re playing it by ear. I don’t think there’s pressure one way or the other to get it done.”

There is still a vacancy in left field that will need filling this spring. Chris Dickerson, Laynce Nix, Wladimir Balentien, Chris Heisey and Todd Frazier are among the candidates.



Mark (or anyone)…aren’t people reading too much into this? I think it’s just what Walt says it is. The Reds have a minor league deal on the table for Jonny that is available to him at any time (maybe up until ST)…they will not be offering him a major league deal. Jonny meanwhile (or his agents, actually) are hoping and looking for a last minute major league deal from someone…but they know the minor league deal is there from the Reds. If a big league deal happens at the last minute, they’ll take it…if not, Jonny will sign the minor league deal with the Reds and report to spring training.

Stinks for a Gomes fan (like me)…was hoping someone would give him a real chance after last season’s modest success. Oh well, he’ll just have to show ’em again!

Mark, Redleg nation may be over reacting just a tad about the lack of Gomes. He is a slugger and a great team guy as Hal has indicated many times. But perhaps Jocketty sees that Gomes is too 1 dimensional- he’s good against left-handed fastballs. Any type of curveball throws him off. I’m not saying he is unable to learn to hit them etc, but I think his potential may be smaller than say Dickerson or Franscico has. Ask yourself if no one else (other than the Cubs) were really considering Gomes why should the Reds? All that said, I want him in camp with the chance to earn his spot on the team again.

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