No Damon, maybe Cabrera?

Reds GM Walt Jocketty was on his way to Batesville, Indiana on a Reds caravan bus when he called me back and multiple topics were brought up.

Despite a report of there being a potential fit on Wednesday, the Reds are not in on free agent left fielder Johnny Damon. The Reds were talking to the Scott Boras agency about another player recently and Damon is also epresented by Boras.

“They talked about Damon but it doesn’t fit financially,” Jocketty said. “I don’t see us pursuing it.”

How about the possiblity of adding free agent shortstop Orlando Cabrera?

“He is more realistic,” Jocketty said. “We’re still talking to a number of free agents. We’ve really exceeded where our budget should be. We’re still trying to upgrade the club if we can manage it financially.”

If the Reds add anyone, it would probably be under a minor league contract.

“We don’t have a roster spot right now and it will be tough to find one,” Jocketty said. “But it will be tough to get many of the people out there to take a Minor League contract.”

Next week, the Reds will have a scout to check out free agent lefty Noah Lowry, who will throw in a public workout. Lowry has not pitched since 2007 because of multiple injuries, including something called thoracic outlet syndrome.

“We’ll probably watch him to keep an eye on him,” Jocketty said. “We inquired about him in the past. We sent someone to look at Ben Sheets too but knew he wouldn’t be in our price range. But we wanted to keep track of him.”


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