Anyone for Goodyear?

Sorry for the lack of blog action this past week. I was off on a stay-cation for my final break before things get busy and I head to Goodyear.

Speaking of that developing suburb, is anybody out there going to Goodyear to see Spring Training? I’ve got my place there and even though it won’t be scenic Siesta Key/Sarasota, I’m looking forward to the new experience. There will be new ballparks to see, new routines to learn and new highways to navigate. Anything has to be better than getting stuck on I-75 in Florida…right? Well if you do happen to be out there, don’t be afraid to say hello if you’re at the practice fields or ballpark. I will pretty much be there for the duration.

Although I would rule nothing out, it seems like the Reds are going to camp with what they currently have. How do you feel about that? It wouldn’t shock me if someone was signed just before camp, or even during camp. Orlando Cabrera is one of three free agent shortstops left on the market but I don’t see it happening. His price will probably fall but not low enough to make him a fit for the Reds.

Did anyone notice the signing of right-handed reliever Jose Arredondo on Friday? A minor league deal, it won’t do a thing for the Reds in 2010. But for 2011, it could be a shrewd addition for the bullpen if he is back and healthy. In 2008, he had 1.62 ERA while going 10-2 in 52 games for the Angels. A nice stat was his 55 strikeouts compared to 22 walks in 61 innings.

Arredondo is due to have Tommy John surgery soon and will miss all of next season. It should cap what has been a lousy off-season. After he was 2-3 with a 6.00 ERA, he was not offered a contract by the Angels in December and then was reportedly stabbed in the left arm in the Dominican Republic. The injury wasn’t considered serious according to the reports.

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I’m going to be in Goodyear from 3/11 to 3/25. Maybe I’ll see you there. I agree with your comment about Arredondo. He could be a real steal in 2011. Do the Reds have control of his contract that year?

I was just wondering about why Arredondo was envited to Spring Training, when he is going to have his surgery and be unable to pitch? Also, I keep hearing about the slick fielding of Cozart. He has shown that he can hit during the Arizona Fall League games, and was envited to ST, but no one seems to say anything about him. Just wondering why? One last question is why not replace Arredondo with Matt Klinker for ST?

Goodyear sounds great, but going to spring training is bucket list stuff – and I’d have to kick the bucket to get the life insurance money to be able to afford it! Mark, did the Reds ever have a shot at signing Miguel Tejada, and would that have been a sensible thing to consider? I’m okay with the players they have, if the kids pan out and everyone plays better defense than in the past (Phillips excepted). I hope they experiment a little in Arizona – try Phillips at SS, give Frazier and Heisey a thorough chance to make the team as starters. Baker has such a rep as favoring veteran players – is he ready to take advantage of the young talent that seems to be the team’s edge, if it has one?

Arredondo has only two big league seasons so he would be under club control for 2011. The big league invite for camp was merely a formality. While not throwing, he will workout on the big league side under the medical staff supervision. He doesn’t need to be “replaced” by another body in camp. The move was done knowing his situation.

As for Cozart, he likely needs more time in Minors since he spent most of 09 in AA.

I heard nothing that said the Reds were trying for Tejada. It should be telling though that Baltimore signed him to play 3B, not SS.

Just wanted to take a minute and thank you for your quick answers, Mark. I appreciate it,

Hey Mark, I’m head to Goodyear for the inaugural season. Just couldn’t miss it, even at the risk of divorce. Went to Sarasota last year for only my second spring training trip. My son, daughter’s boyfriend, and I will be in town from March 11 to the 15th. Gonna catch an Indians game as well, since that’s any easy fit.

Enjoying your blog. I’ll say hi if I see you.


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