Masset gets two-year deal

Nick Masset avoided arbitration on Saturday by agreeing to a new two-year contract with the Reds through 2011.

The deal is worth $2.58 million in guaranteed money. The reliever will get $1.035 million in 2010 and $1.545 million in 2011. The are performance-based incentives as well.

Masset went from falling way short of the fifth starter’s job in Spring Training to a indispensible right-handed set-up man for the Reds.

“It was important to get him signed,” Reds general manager Walt Jocketty said. “We were glad to get a two-year deal. It gives him a little security and us some payroll security. He worked hard and deserved it. We’re happy to get it done.”

Reliever Jared Burton remains the lone Reds player up for arbitration. Numbers are exchanged Tuesday. Based on the previous post last night, odds are strong there will be an agreement before the two sides enter a hearing.

Jocketty also drew a line in the sand. If there isn’t a deal before the numbers are exchanged, there will be no willingness to settle before the hearing date.

“We are taking a little tougher approach,” Jocketty said. “We’re telling agents that we want to get deals done before the numbers are exchanged. Hopefully, it’ll be done by Monday. If not, we’re going to arbitration. We’re not messing around with it. Too many agents want to exchange numbers so they can inflate them. We’re not doing it anymore.”


Please help me out here. What is meant by “too many agents want to exchange numbers so they can inflate them?” Don’t they only get one chance to offer a number?

Thanks in advance,

Bill — I think what Walt meant was that some agents attempt to submit a higher than expected figure at the exchange in an effort to bump up their salary. It’s not a shot directed at Burton’s people but at the process in general.

Mark – This is a little off topic. Or maybe it’s another topic for you. My buddy and I go up to Dayton a few games every year. What chance we’ll see Chapman there this year (I know it’s impossible to tell before Spring Training; I gguess I’m asking if there’s no chance). Same question for the Red’s draft picks. Will all the high draft picks (and Chapman) automatically be slated for Sarasota A Ball or higher?

Not having seen Chapman or gotten a feel from the org, can’t say where he would start the season. The high draft picks like Leake seem destined to start at high A ball in Lynchburg, or higher. He and Boxberger came in with more college experience and pitched in AFL, which is usually for AA/AAA caliber players.

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