No HOF yet for Larkin

The Hall of Fame results were just announced on MLB Network and surprisingly, only one name was called to Cooperstown, Andre Dawson. He received 77.9 percent of the vote on 420 ballots, according to the HOF web site.

I wasn’t surprised that Barry Larkin didn’t get in on the first try but I was surprised that he only got 51.6 percent (278 votes). I thought it would be higher.

The good news for Larkin and his fans is that this vote was still a solid indication that he will get in someday, and probably pretty soon. It could certainly be worse — his shortstop contemporary, Alan Trammell, got just 22 percent of the vote on his seventh try.

I feel bad for my friend and former Twins pitcher Bert Blyleven, who fell a mere five votes shy from getting in. Blyleven received 74.2 percent. He still has two more tries and next year should be his time.

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I dont get it.. all I have been hearing for the past week from the ‘major’ baseball people are.. why Barry should be in the HOF… but wont get in on the first ballot… but should… but wont… he’s a lock.. but it wont happen… and this is coming from the likes of ESPN (J Stark even had a pretty detailed article about why..) and the MLB Network…
Roberto Alomar.. NO?
Bert ‘5th all time on career strikeout list’ Blyleven.. NO???
for the 13th year… (13 years ago he was 4th on the list)

now.. I know that 539 ballots were cast… and if all of the big name baseball networks who pay the most and apparently have the best minds (besides you.. of couse)
who are these people that vote?? maybe its time to shuffle up and re-deal the ballots…

PS… Eric Karros got 2 votes… and David Segui got 1…
this leads me to believe, they let former players parents vote… and 1 of Segui’s parents knows something about baseball….

I for one think the 15 year period on the ballot is perfect, like the distance between bases. TIME usually takes care of making things right. Sometimes you have to sift through more dirt than usual to find the prize. I also hope Bert makes it next year.

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