Catching up with the GM

Spring Training is about seven weeks away. That means over 100 free agents will soon be scurrying to find jobs before camps open and that their prices could come down.

The Reds don’t have the resources to add big names at big prices. However, general manager Walt Jocketty will be trolling the market to seek players open to Minor League deals with non-roster invites to camps.

“We’ll definitely be looking at the types like that,” Jocketty said on Monday.

The Reds are still seeking an infielder that can play shortstop, a starting pitcher and a hitter. The door isn’t closed at bringing back free agent Jonny Gomes, who was non-tendered last month.

“We’ll spend the next few weeks looking at guys and see if it fits into what we’re trying to do,” Jocketty said.

There are 48 starting pitchers still on the free agent market. Among the bargain items, the Reds’ minimal interest in the long-injured Noah Lowry now seems to be less than that. There has been no follow-up since Jocketty mentioned last month the club was taking a look. 

According to, these are the seven remaining shortstops:

Alfredo Amezaga (32)
Orlando Cabrera (35) – Type A, can’t be offered arb
Chris Gomez (39)
Nick Green (31)
Khalil Greene (30)
Jerry Hairston Jr. (34)
Miguel Tejada (36) – Type A, not offered arb

Jocketty was out of the country when the Scott Rolen restructuring/extension was revealed on Dec. 19. As expected, he noted that the move was not made to clear space to add a high-priced player.

“It was a move to keep our team as much intact as we can,” Jocketty said. “We’re still not in position to add more to the club. We think we have a pretty good club as it is.
… We’ve got a unique situation. We like the guys we have at different positions. We haven’t found anyone at our price range that significantly upgrades our club. We’re looking to improve but haven’t found a way to do that.”

In other news, Edinson Volquez (Tommy John surgery, right elbow) is slated to begin a throwing program this week.  

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if reds dont go after s.drew i could see a k.greene on a minor deal w/big league invite or cabrera for 2-7m w 2 to 3 mil. inc. or tejeda for 1-3m w/inc. an opt. year

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