Nothing doing with LA, Harang

There was a story today from Yahoo Sports’ Jeff Passan that trade talks are indeed still alive between the Reds and Dodgers regarding starting pitcher Aaron Harang and L.A. reliever George Sherrill.

The story said the apparent holdup was that the Reds wanted a good prospect besides Sherrill, who would possibly be spun for more prospects by Cincinnati. Passan believed the Reds are willing to pay up to $10 million of the $14 million due to Harang. Sherrill is expected to earn $4.3 million.

A Reds source told me on Tuesday that L.A. did inquire about Harang but nothing happened. The Dodgers offer was never taken seriously. While I was on vacation last week, there were reports about Harang and the Dodgers but those talks were termed “dead” in a report by’s Ken Gurnick. It doesn’t sound like anything has really changed since then.

What made me skeptical of the latest report was the money and the return. There was no way the Reds would take on so much of Harang’s salary because sending $10 million to L.A. wouldn’t give them the real payroll room they’re seeking. And the Reds bullpen is already stocked with several lefties. They don’t need more with Arthur Rhodes, Daniel Herrera and Bill Bray among those already in house, especially for over $4 million that Sherrill is owed.

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I agree, that report made no sense from the Reds side. It’s going to be difficult to make a trade with the Dodgers if they are wedded to financially neutral deals. That won’t help the Reds. Maybe the Dodgers will get desperate enough in their search for SP, or their financial situation will clear up, that a trade can be worked out. Maybe then the Reds could get a player in return who is a better fit, or more financial relief. If Sherril was in great demand by other clubs the Dodgers would just move him directly.

The team that makes more sense as a trading partner, now that the Yankees have apparently found their #4 pitcher in Vazquez, is the New York Mets. They have the cash and their fans demand they compete for first every year and they need SP. I’m not as familiar with their system as I am with the LAD so I don’t know what we could expect in return.

Mark, do you think the Reds are trying to trade salary for the purpose of lowering their budget or because they want to use the freed up money for filling in other more pressing holes? That’s the key question to me. Trading Harang makes sense to me from the latter perspective.

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