Interest in Counsell, talked to Gomes

How quiet have things been with the Reds at the Winter Meetings?

“I’d tell you to stay close to your phones but there is no reason to,” general manager Walt Jocketty said on Wednesday afternoon.

Like on Tuesday, Jocketty spent time talking to different clubs and agents. The quest remains for a pitcher and a left-handed hitting infielder that can play second base and shortstop.

I asked if they had reached out to free agent infielder Craig Counsell, who fits that bill. Jocketty confirmed the interest and that there had been talks with Counsell’s agent. He did not elaborate beyond that.

All is very quiet regarding Jonny Gomes contract talks and the sides appear no closer to a deal. The deadline to tender an offer to the arbitration eligible outfielder remains on Saturday. I called Gomes to see what he knew and he said he’s staying out of it. He has more enjoyable things to do like spend time with his four-week old daughter, Zoe.

“The agents are lawyers and negotiators. I’m just a baseball player,” Gomes said. “They are 100 percent trusted on that side. It’s up to them and I let them do it. My friends and family are three times more stressed about it than I am and they’re wondering why I’m not stressed.”

Gomes very much would like to return to the Reds.

“My thoughts on returning are still awesome,” Gomes said. “I had a great time in Cincinnati and appreciated being taken in with open arms. The fans, the ballpark and the city are second to none.”

Also — the Reds have no plans to talk with Jamey Carroll’s agent. The determination was he did not play shortstop enough to be a a fit.

Our session with Jocketty was held earlier than usual because the Reds are attending a banquet where Gene Bennett will be named Midwest Scout of the Year. Bennett has been with the Reds organization since 1952 and is one of the nicest people you will find in the game. He’s also made some great recommendations over the years.

To watch a video of Gene’s speech — it’s here:

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The more I read about Counsell the more I like him, and if Gomes knows his speaking ability well enough to stay away from the table and let the pros handle it I guess good for him. I would say though a player that can do some of his own tap dancing might have some worries and should learn soon.

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