What's up in Indy? Not much

Most of the talk on Day 2 of the Winter Meetings revolved around two things — and neither of them involved the Reds. One stunner was that Peter Gammons announced he was leaving ESPN at the end of the week. The other was the blockbuster three-way trade pending between Yankees, Tigers and Diamondbacks.

As for the Reds, there was no significant news to report.

Said GM Walt Jocketty “We met with a couple of different agent groups about free agents and we met and had discussions with several clubs but I wouldn’t say we’re close to anything. But there were some interesting discussions.”

Among the developments on Tuesday:

*Talks began this week with the agents for outfielder Jonny Gomes.

“We’re still a ways apart,” Jocketty said. An offer must be tendered to the arbitration-eligible Gomes by a Saturday deadline.

*The Rangers inquired about LHP Arthur Rhodes but the Reds were not interested in dealing Rhodes.

*A rumor floated by ex-GM Jim Bowden had the Reds interested in Orlando Cabrera and Miguel Tejada, both are free agent shortstops. It was essentially shot down. Bowden now works for Sirius-XM.

“I’d be interested but I don’t think they’d fit into our pay structure,” Jocketty said.

*Still no talks have started with the agent for IF Jamey Carroll.

*With the roster at its 40-man limit, Jocketty didn’t expect the Reds to be adding players through the Rule 5 Draft on Thursday.

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