Carroll 'would love' to join Reds

Folks milling through the hotel lobby, people chatting and many more people standing around with glazed looks in their eyes. Yep, this is the Winter Meetings in full swing on Tuesday.

As far as the Reds are concerned, so far it’s quiet again. On Saturday, I wrote that the Reds had some interest in infielder Jamey Carroll but there still have been no talks. Carroll grew up in Evansville, Ind. and was a fan of the Reds as a kid.

“We would certainly entertain an offer,” Carroll’s agent, Jonathan Maurer said on Tuesday. “We would love to play for the Reds.”

Maurer is in Indy and said Carroll has drawn interest from other clubs and there have been talks. Reds GM Walt Jocketty said on Monday that he was looking for a utility player that can hit and play shortstop.

Carroll, 36, spent the last two seasons with the Indians and he batted .276 with two homers and 24 RBIs. Lifetime since 2002, he’s a .273 hitter with a .351 on-base percentage. He hasn’t played shortstop since 2007.

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Speaking of utility players who can hit and play shortstop, what’s the story on Jeff Keppinger?

Keppinger is still with the Astros.

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